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Lufthansa Systems delivers remote global access to critical flight applications

For many companies operating on a global scale, a geographically dispersed workforce and customer base can present a unique set of challenges. A secure, high-performance connectivity infrastructure can be critical to providing remote access to key business applications.

In the case of Lufthansa Systems, an IT services subsidiary of the renowned Lufthansa airline, the company required a solution to ensure that its customers had secure, reliable access to its portfolio of flight planning solutions. Lufthansa’s ‘Lido’ solutions give airlines the ability to optimize their flight operations in real-time. The company turned to OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX), a web-based remote connectivity solution for the roughly 4,000 users at more than 100 airlines who use the Lido applications.

With OpenText ETX, we can look into the system, share screens, as well as take over sessions to troubleshoot critical issues. We can better support our customers using session sharing than we can by dealing with the problem over telephone or email. Any customer issues can quickly lead to costly flight delays. It is helping us when we are helping our customers. -Christian Baumbach, Senior Project Manager, Lufthansa Systems

Strong security, stability, and resiliency are also critical elements to Lufthansa’s remote access solution in order to provide high performance and high availability to users anywhere in the world. With OpenText ETX, Lufthansa’s Lido customers can always be certain of secure, stable access.

To learn more about Lufthansa System’s remote access solution, read the full story here.

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