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Engie Electrabel migrates customer documentation to the cloud

Innovation drives utility-industry transformation to improve the digital customer experience

As the top producer and supplier of energy in Belgium, Engie Electrabel generates more than 3.5 million documents a month serving its 2.5 million customers. To manage a large – and growing – archive of documents, Engie Electrabel has deployed OpenText™ solutions on-premises for a number of years.

Globally, the utilities industry has undergone a transformation in recent years as pressure to reduce risk and costs, whilst improving the customer experience, has lead many in the industry to embrace in cloud technologies. Engie Electrabel took the decision to migrate 27TB of customer data to OpenText™ Core Archive for SAP Solutions in the OpenText™ Cloud.

The solution is meeting our objectives to help us lower and stabilize our operational costs [and] provide access for our customers, improving security, monitoring and administration.

Joris Verberckmoes, Head of Delivery and Operations, Engie Electrabel

The move to the cloud ensures the solution is always up to date, reducing the burden on in-house IT personnel, as well as lowering overall operational costs. With simplified on-premises infrastructure, improved security, seamless user and customer access, future digital developments have been enabled through a number of prebuilt adaptors and adherence to industry standards.

The success of the implementation, without any discernible impact on day-to-day operations, was achieved in close collaboration with OpenText Professional Services. Quality certification has also been achieved including ISO-27001 and SOC 2, with security, availability, integrity and customer data privacy assured.

Future plans include the expansion of the platform as the standard for SAP data and document archiving. For instance, Engie Fabricom, an Engie Electrabel subsidiary, has also moved to the same OpenText Cloud implementation, as it was significantly more cost effective than establishing its own cloud archive. Additional capabilities are also being actively pursued including integration to, use of optical character recognition, natural language processing and also integration to the firm’s robotic process automation technologies.

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