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The pressure is on to bring generative AI into your organization. But is your business truly ready to enter the age of AI-powered work? It…

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October 30, 20236 minute read

The pressure is on to bring generative AI into your organization. But is your business truly ready to enter the age of AI-powered work? It can be. Earn your wings and start your AI journey today with OpenText. Load up to a million documents into a dedicated, private cloud sandbox for a flat fee so you can start exploring the art of the possible with generative AI.

Before you soar, do you have a flight plan for your AI journey?

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re likely under pressure to adopt AI and start taking advantage of all its potential benefits: enhanced efficiency, cost savings, intelligent decision making, and superior outcomes. 

With 41% of knowledge workers[1] eager to banish repetitive tasks, senior leaders are looking to AI to free up employees’ precious time and reach new heights of efficiency and innovation.

It’s no surprise that everywhere you look, it seems that your peers – and competitors – are jumping on the AI bandwagon. As early adopters, they’ve probably made the leap the hard way — without expert guidance, without a plan, and without the right solutions for their requirements. Sooner or later, that’s going to cause turbulence. Some of the issues will be serious, others catastrophic.

As potential risks emerge and questions about the impact of AI start bubbling up, a lot of organizations have hit the pause button. For many, it’s because they aren’t sure what they want to get out of an AI investment – so they’re struggling to design a plan for how AI can solve their most pressing business challenges.

For others, implementing AI technologies has stalled because of concerns about data quality, availability and accessibility. McKinsey recently reported that 72% of leading organizations say managing data is one of the top challenges preventing them from scaling AI use cases. Those concerns are valid: Data must be structured, clean and relevant for AI models to perform effectively. If your data isn’t ready for generative AI, neither is your business.

Don’t forget about the question of data security. Open-source AI models have many organizations hitting the brakes, for fear their intellectual property will be exposed to competitors or used to train public AI models. For them, protecting sensitive data and ensuring the security of enterprise content will always take priority – and so it should.

There’s also the challenge of expertise. Given that generative AI seemed to hit the market almost overnight, not many organizations can claim to have in-house experts ready to develop and implement AI solutions – data scientists, machine learning engineers, domain experts and more.

If any (or all) of these uncertainties are causing you and your organization to take a step back from all of the AI hype, you’re not alone. The good news is that there’s now a way to address these challenges.

Come earn your wings with OpenText

When you board a commercial flight, you know exactly where you’re going and why. You know that every passenger has been run through rigorous security checks. You know that on-board data systems are using advanced, proven technology. You know the pilots and crew are experts who’ve trained for every scenario. These things have become second nature to most of us.

Your journey to generative AI should be similar. And now it can be!

Earn your wings with OpenText and experiment with your data in your own private generative AI environment quickly and easily. See first-hand how AI solves real business challenges, without being in a live production environment. With no need to upgrade your existing solutions, you can take your first steps and accelerate your AI journey with a trusted partner. Get access to OpenText AI experts who will help you define clear goals and use cases, and then get your data prepared and structured to gain the most value from large language models (LLMs).

Here’s how it works

  • Ingest up to one million of your documents to the OpenText Private Cloud. Imagine the power your HR teams could extract from a million policy documents or resumes; or the value Procurement could gain analyzing a million contracts or transactions.
  • Use OpenText™ Content Cloud CE 24.1 with Content Aviator, which puts chat-based conversational search, content discovery and document summarization right at your employees’ fingertips.
  • Turn your documents into metadata, index it, and embed it into a vector database, which is all necessary preparation to take advantage of advanced AI features.
  • Apply Google Vertex LLM – and get help prompt-tuning to your specific use case and content.
  • Experiment for six months and build the business case for your next move.

The best way to make the AI pivot

Here’s what makes the OpenText program unique:

  • Speed time-to-value.  Take the first steps in organizing your data and formulating a strategy to get maximum value from it – the flight plan you need so you know where you’re going and can track your success on your journey. Our team has built the reference architecture and assembled the AI components required to get you up and running quickly.  This means you can start experimenting with AI using your own data in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Keep your data secure.  A managed private cloud environment offers total peace of mind; with robust security measures, vigilant data governance, and LLM Ops to protect your most valuable information assets. This is a safe place to make mistakes as you test using AI to solve real problems.  Your content is then securely disposed of at the end of the program.
  • Partner with the experts.  Access skilled AI professionals and advisory services designed to help you get the most out of your investment.  We’ll help you uncover priority use cases and validate concerns outside the restrictions of your highly regulated environment, and without disruption to your end users. Why take a prop plane when you’ve got access to the latest executive jet?

It’s time to get started on your AI transformation journey and earn your wings with OpenText. Get started today!

[1] 451 Research, Five generative AI use cases that could boost document and content management software, Conner Forrest, August 16, 2023.

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