Announcing OpenText AppWorks Release 16 EP7

Faster application development while ensuring information privacy, security and compliance

In today’s competitive environment, one imperative for every organization is to meet expectations for a dynamic digital experience. This requires a digital-first approach. Unfortunately, introducing new products, services, channels and ways of working can take longer than the market demands. IT infrastructure and systems can be difficult and costly to re-engineer and adapt. At the business level, IT frequently struggles to keep pace with constantly changing operational strategies and tactics, meaning

OpenText™ AppWorks™ provides a single platform for process automation, case management and low-code application development. With less IT involvement, AppWorks automates complex business processes, enables better decision-making and improves customer experience while boosting operational efficiency and managing risk. With updates to OpenText AppWorks and related applications in OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7), we’re increasing developer productivity, delivering streamlined, intuitive user experiences and enabling adherence to security, privacy and compliance requirements.

Build applications faster by increasing developer productivity

As organizations transform, they are looking to developers to create new applications and ways of working. However, demand often outweighs developer resources. 64% of IT professionals say they have an application development backlog. And, development talent is hard to find and keep. This is driving adoption of low-code development platforms. According to a Forrester survey of global developers, almost half are using or plan to use low-code within a year. In this release, we are introducing enhancements that optimize developer resources and increase productivity so more applications can be built faster.

Entity team development allows multiple developers to work simultaneously on entities and get more work done faster, while performance enhancements reduce the time spent publishing and testing changes. EP7 also offers developers more flexibility to enable runtime application configuration for properties, such as thresholds and deadlines, to meet changing business requirements.

Deliver streamlined, intuitive user experiences

Successfully delivering a dynamic, relevant customer experience begins with smart, information-rich applications designed for the way people really work. In EP6, we introduced the new AppWorks client, written using a ‘mobile first’ philosophy. In EP7, we continue to provide enhancements that help make applications intuitive for users – customers, citizens, employees and partners.  Highlights include:

  • New card view option provides four new, pre-configured card view options to see results in a simple, graphical format
  • Custom controls and advanced styling provide design flexibility to deliver better branded and engaging applications
  • Auto-suggest provides quicker filtering when selecting information from lengthy drop-down menus.
  • Enhanced mobile building block integrates with OpenText™ Content Server, Documentum and OpenText™ Core Share to easily manage information and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Tighter OpenText™ Documentum™ integration makes uploading documents easier by leveraging the full Documentum object model from within AppWorks applications.
New card view option provides four new, pre-configured card view options to see results in a simple, graphical format

Adhere to security, privacy and compliance requirements

Organizations are struggling with increasing volumes and types of information, proliferating numbers of end points and increasing laws and rules to tighten up business practices. Governance, risk management and compliance are increasingly being prioritized within organizations.

AppWorks’ security has been augmented with instance level permissions on files and folders to provide selected individuals with controlled access to information they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to, for the purpose of reviewing, providing feedback or other business requirements. Access to the shared information can be revoked at any time.

Enhanced support for OpenText Brava! provides advanced features such as redact, annotate, and publish to meet privacy, security and compliance requirements

Deeper integration with OpenText™ Brava!™ delivers support for advanced features such as redact, annotate, and publish to safeguard information and meet privacy, security and compliance requirements.

Deliver quick time to value with digital process automation applications

OpenText digital process automation applications built with OpenText AppWorks address specific business problems across the enterprise delivering quick time to value.

OpenText™ Contract Center centralizes contract management for increased productivity, improved profitability and reduced risk. Contract Center now supports collaboration and negotiation with external parties to streamline contract review and approval. Functionally related contracts can be dynamically linked to provide greater visibility into contractual obligations, and external contract party details can now be sourced directly from SAP through a new integration.

Contract Center now supports collaboration and negotiation with external parties to streamline contract review and approval.

AppWorks R16 EP7 optimizes valuable developer resources, increases developer productivity, delivers streamlined, intuitive user experiences and enables adherence to security, privacy and compliance requirements. Together, these enhancements help your organization accelerate digital transformation by creating digital experiences — faster and at lower cost — while improving operational efficiency and managing risk.

Learn more about OpenText AppWorks 16 by visiting our website.

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Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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