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8 Reasons Why Customers Benefit from Online Document Delivery

Using online data and document deliveryCompanies today are seeing the advantages of offering bills, notices, and account statements through secure customer portals.

But it is clear that businesses are not the only ones who benefit from offering important content online.

We are all customers, so we can probably relate to 8 things customers can do with online data and documents:

 1.  View Data In the Way That’s Best For Them.
With tools available to manage, sort, graph, chart and export data, customers can arrange their information in a way that makes the best sense and allows them to understand it better.

2. Set Reminders.
Life is busy and sometimes it’s easy for people to forget what day it is, never mind which bills are due. Email alerts can remind when payments are due or if the account balance is low, making lives a little bit easier.

3. Access The Account at Any Time.
With online statements customers can check their most recent statement or balance no matter where they are or what time of day it is, using whichever device is most convenient to them –from their desktop or laptop to their tablet or mobile phone.

4. Easily Access Archived Information.
Hard copies can be easy to lose or misplace, but account information online will be there for as long as the average customer needs it – and it’s legislated to be available. A U.S. financial institution, for example, is required to keep account histories for seven years, to exceed typical IRS periods of limitations for income tax returns.

5. Say No to Clutter and Simplify Their Lives.
By going paperless, and managing accounts online instead, customers are reducing their potential for clutter.

6. Improve Environmental Stewardship.
Paperless also means less waste, which makes the online option more sustainable – a plus for environmentally conscious customers.

7. Ensure Better Security.
Printed statements sent by mail can easily be opened by anyone, while online account information is protected by a secure login.

8. Get Accessible Content On Demand.
Many organizations today – to keep up with the needs of their visually impaired customers and ensure they remain compliant with regulations – are driven to offer website content, including documents such as bank statements or bills, that’s accessible on demand with the use of screen reader technology. This helps create inclusionary environment where all digital customer communications are available to everyone.

More and more customers are setting aside their paper copies and getting on board with online customer communications. Gaining their loyalty and keeping their business means companies need to keep up with those demands—offering the best online environment they can.

If you are switching to online document delivery – what are your reasons to do this? 


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