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Why now is the time to move to a modern fax solution  

Are your telephone lines plain and old? The era of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) analog lines is coming to an end. Many organizations need to embrace a scalable and efficient document delivery solution designed for the modern age. With the elimination of copper wire phone services, now is the perfect time to transition. A digital fax solution offers enhanced security, compliance with regulations and a host of other benefits. 

In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a memorandum allowing companies to decommission copper wire phone services as early as August 2022. The FCC recognized the public interest is no longer served by maintaining legacy regulatory obligations and the associated costs of copper wire phone lines. As a result, the phase-out of copper wire telephone systems is inevitable. If your organization relies on copper wire POTS lines for faxing, it’s crucial to consider switching before you face unexpected cancellations or unregulated price increases. 

Overcoming business challenges 

Busy signals and capacity constraints are common with analog fax lines. Besides telephone failures and line quality, analog fax lines can only do one thing at a time: send or receive. This leads to headaches with scale as businesses grow or accommodate peak hours of activity.  

Document security is another problem. Analog faxing often leaves pages exposed or missing. With remote work, the recipient might not even be in the office to collect the pages. This makes compliance and security an issue. And online fax service providers often use email as the only method for submission and delivery, placing the burden of security on the client.  

Layer in the amount of handling and rework required for any application handoff and analog faxing becomes a difficult workflow practice. Any automation or integration with legacy systems adds to the challenge, making digital transformation of fax processes difficult if not impossible. And pulling all this together, correcting the inefficiency, managing the organization, hardware/ MFPs, software servers, and priorities is costly.  

Rise to the occasion with digital fax 

A digital fax solution offers a path to modernization tailored to your organization’s specific needs. By transitioning to a cloud or hybrid solution, you can eliminate the reliance on copper and analog lines – opening up a world of benefits. Security is enhanced, ensuring the safe exchange of information. User experience is improved, thanks to mobile capabilities and enriched administrative tools. Built-in workflows can be developed to streamline business processes and boost efficiency. 

OpenTextTM offers a portfolio of digital fax solutions designed for organizations of all sizes. With OpenText, users can securely exchange faxes from email or desktop applications, as well as integrate faxing seamlessly with enterprise platforms like SAP®, Oracle® and Epic. The need for standalone fax machines and fax cards becomes obsolete, eliminating issues such as busy signals and analog adapters. Advanced traceability, single sign-on, and rich tooling features simplify administrative tasks, while compliance with regulations and data encryption ensures strict security requirements are met. Mobile-ready features and critical integrations with essential fax-dependent tools and workflows enable employees to perform tasks easily, improving overall productivity. 

The phase-out of copper wire POTS lines is inevitable, and organizations need to adapt to the changing landscape. By implementing a digital fax solution powered by OpenText, organizations can modernize their document delivery processes, enhance security, improve user experience, and increase productivity. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make the switch today and unlock the full potential of a modern fax solution. Speak to an expert.

Sarah Churchman

Sarah Churchman is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at OpenText. She is well versed in all things Digital Experience, particularly our Digital and Cloud Fax Solutions. She has been supporting B2B and B2C marketing for 7 years working with a range of mid-market to enterprise customers.

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