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What’s new in OpenText TeamSite EP6

Keeping up with the pace of business on an enterprise website can be stress-free, or at least less stressful, when you extend your personal bandwidth.

That’s exactly what OpenText™ is offering with its latest web content management (WCM) release, OpenText™ TeamSite™ 16.6. Here I’ll highlight the key new features web content specialists can leverage to transform and optimize their customers’ digital experiences.

Smart Content summaries

Quickly summarize long-form content to easily repurpose it on other pages with TeamSite 16.6. Using natural language generation powered by OpenText™ Magellan™, TeamSite suggests the most relevant sentences and allows content authors to make edits.  These responsive summaries display well on any device.

Intelligent Content suggestions

Save time searching for content and get it published faster with Intelligent Content Suggestions. Simply add a component and receive the most relevant options of any content type including images, media and documents. TeamSite decides what to suggest based on the Solr indexing of the content and metadata from the page.

AI-driven image tagging

Manually tagging images used to be time consuming with varying degrees of accuracy. Now, TeamSite uses rich media analysis to automatically provide descriptions and keywords for images – both individually or during batch uploads – for consistent and accurate metadata.

Direct-to-page media

Enjoy a rich repository of out-of-the-box drag and drop components to quickly configure a variety of artifacts on a template or page. The new components in TeamSite include audio, video and content item lists.  With the latter, simply select multiple content items and present them as a list and choose what attributes to show like title, description and thumbnails.

Google Team drive source integration

Create content and collaborate with others with the new Google Team Drive Source Integration.  The framework for this feature allows for additional content sources in the future like OpenText™ Content Server, OpenText™ Core and Microsoft SharePoint.

LiveSite Content Services asset-level access control

Control what assets are shown to which authenticated users with Asset-level Asset Control. It’s perfect for B2B, B2E, Supplier and partner portals. Since permissions are granted in LiveSite Content Services, the access is controlled across all delivery channels.

Enhanced File Control

Use operating system default applications to edit TeamSite assets with ease thanks to the OpenText Content Server Office Editor plug-in. Simply select “Local Edit” which automatically locks the file and downloads it. When editing is complete, the revised file is re-uploaded as well.

Friendly URLs (Permalinks)

Make memorable URLs (permalinks) for a content type with the click of a button in TeamSite 16.6.  These friendly URLs apply to all content items of that type, but an override is possible if required at the content item level.  Not only do permalinks make site promotion easier, but they are also canonical which improves search engine optimization results as they help search engines index a page and improve shareability.

Custom Reports

TeamSite makes it easy for site managers to stay on top of all the content activity in their CMS. In addition to the standard out-of-the-box reports, users have the flexibility to create Custom Reports as well powered by OpenText™ Magellan™ Java Components.

OpenJDK for TeamSite

TeamSite 16.6 is now certified with both OpenJDK 11 from and Oracle Java 11 for all supported operating systems (Linux, Windows, Solaris and AIX).  All supported releases prior to TeamSite 16.6 can switch to OJDK8 using scripts provided.

Security Updates

In addition to all of the new features, any security vulnerabilities identified in a scan of TeamSite or its third party vendors have been addressed in the latest release as well. Details are available in the release notes.

Learn more:

Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Experience solutions here, and read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here.

With all of the new features being built into the product, you can see why businesses around the world are taking a fresh look at TeamSite.  To see the latest in TeamSite 16.6, connect with us to set up a demo.


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