What’s new in Axcelerate, EnCase eDiscovery, and Decisiv Release 16 EP7

Automation, analytics, and accessibility are the key themes around the EP7 updates for OpenText™ Axcelerate™, OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery and OpenText™ Decisiv™. New automation templates reduce…

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November 12, 20195 minutes read

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Automation, analytics, and accessibility are the key themes around the EP7 updates for OpenText™ Axcelerate™, OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery and OpenText™ Decisiv™. New automation templates reduce the manual effort to create and kick-off projects in EnCase eDiscovery by up to 75%. New machine translation capabilities and language analysis technologies open up innovative analysis avenues in Axcelerate. An updated UI modernizes the enterprise search experience and delivers better information access in Decisiv.

Across the board, the new upgrades in Release 16 EP7 expand OpenText’s already advanced feature set to help legal groups unlock the information advantage.

Automated translations powered by Veritone aiWARE™

Multinational organizations invariably generate document sets for eDiscovery review and investigation that aren’t exclusively English. In conventional workflows, these documents are isolated and batched out to specially trained and contracted native language speakers. Axcelerate’s new API integration with Veritone aiWARE enables secure and automated translations on the fly during review.

Users can push extracted text in 29 different languages to Veritone for automated translation to English. The workflow integrates seamlessly: users can use Smart Filters to isolate foreign language documents and simply click “Translate” to kick-off a new translation job. The extracted text is securely transferred via API to Veritone’s translation engine and back. Translated text can then be accessed by a new viewer tab labeled “translated” for easy comparison to the text, near-native, or redaction viewers. A separate license with Veritone is required to execute translations, but the API integration is integrated into Axcelerate at no additional cost.

Learn more by visiting the EP7 release page.

Integrated sentiment analysis and entity identification powered by Magellan

Sentiment is a key indicator of opinion that offers a unique window into the author’s true meaning. In verbal communication, we use intonation and emphasis to shape opinion. Likewise, our written communications often betray hidden sentiment through grammatical structure, word choice, and other conventions like the phrase “per my last email.” We all know an email that starts with that is going to trend towards negative.

Axcelerate EP7 unlocks phase 2 of our OpenText™ Magellan™ integration by delivering all-new sentiment analysis capabilities with even more to come in 2020. Sentiment analysis can be tuned and customized to different datasets and environments, but out of the box categorizes documents according to positive, negative, or neutral tone. This new capability is built right into the existing Smart Filters.

In addition to sentiment analysis, Magellan’s entity extraction helps eDiscovery reviewers and investigators answer the “Who” and “Where” questions. As documents are enriched, Magellan identifies names and places, extracting and organizing them in a new smart filter field for analysis. Exposing this information opens entirely new scoping and planning avenues. Understand how many individuals may be included in a search query before agreeing to an eDiscovery protocol. Or ingest a production set from an opposing party and look for new names and places. Plus, both sentiment analysis and entity extraction work with Predictive Filters. Once coding decisions are made, Axcelerate can begin predicting individuals and places of interest based on those tags.

Learn more about sentiment analysis here.

Automate administration tasks in EnCase eDiscovery

Managing case volumes is a significant challenge for large enterprises and an even bigger challenge for eDiscovery managers maintaining project environments. Litigation begets litigation and a single claim can rapidly turn into dozens of different eDiscovery projects that last for years. Ensuring that projects are configured and setup in a reasonable and consistent manner is key to ensuring defensibility.

EnCase eDiscovery continues the automation theme with all new templates that streamline administration processes and reduce manual effort by up to 75%. The key fields such as data sets, workflows, jobs, criteria and case settings can be copied and adjusted from one project to the next. Even inactive and archived cases can be transformed into templates.

Learn more by visiting the EP7 launch page here.

Speed up information access with Decisiv’s all-new UI

Knowledge workers like lawyers can spend up to 30% of their time simply finding the documents and data they need, which is often scattered across dozens of internal sources. Decisiv addresses this wasted time by injecting eDiscovery-grade search and filter capabilities to deliver far more accurate search results across multiple content sources. That’s just one reason why the engine powering Decisiv is now available to eDOCS users (coming Nov. 29).

In EP7, the Decisiv team has gone a step further by completely redesigning the interface. Decisiv users will enjoy an all-new, modernized UI complete with a mobile-responsive layout for access to key documents on the go. Guided by the OpenText design language and consumer-grade exemplars, Decisiv’s new layout emphasizes a single search bar and intuitive filters.

Learn more by visiting the EP7 launch page here or downloading the new Decisiv Product Overview. 

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Adam is an eDiscovery attorney and the Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. He holds an advanced certification for the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform and is responsible for research, education and outreach programs. Adam also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the McCarthy Institute for IP & Technology Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

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