Announcing OpenText Legal Tech Suite Release 16 EP7

Innovations drive legal team productivity and speed

In today’s data-driven environment, quickly finding information is critical for legal teams seeking to gain the information advantage in litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance matters. The demand for speed — amid escalating risks — calls for legal departments and their law firms to automate routine workflows and inject time-saving tools based on machine learning and AI into the day-to-day work.

OpenText™ Release 16 Enterprise Pack 7 (EP7) introduces powerful new features and enhancements to products in the OpenText Legal Tech portfolio designed to improve the speed, productivity and efficiency of corporate legal professionals and law firms. These enhancements — which include automation, machine learning and AI — make it easier than ever for lawyers and other legal professionals to find, review and assess information in the legal information management lifecycle.

Magellan text analytics integration into Axcelerate 

EP7 features the integration of OpenText™ Magellen™ text analytics into OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Smart Filters to enable lawyers to zero in on documents that contain emotional language like happiness, sadness, concern, anger, and more — giving important insight into the sentiment of a document being reviewed. Sentiment analysis, which draws on Magellan’s proprietary sentiment analysis library, automatically detects, categorizes, and highlights different language patterns inside of documents, providing a powerful new analytical tool for investigators and eDiscovery reviewers. Learn more.

Axcelerate: Sentiment enrichment and people and places with Magellen integration

Axcelerate machine translation on-the-fly

Investigations and litigation increasingly cross international borders and language boundaries, often requiring legal teams to hire local language specialists for document translation and review, which is a costly and time-consuming manual process.  Now, an all-new platform integration between Axcelerate and Veritone expedites the review of multi-language documents in Axcelerate by automating machine translation on-the-fly. Enabled by a cloud-to-cloud API, Axcelerate users can push documents that need to be translated with a single click directly from Axcelerate to Veritone and back to Axcelerate for review. The workflow is seamless: use Smart Filters to isolate foreign language documents and simply click “Translate” to kick-off a new translation job. Only extracted text is transferred over a secure API — never native files. Learn more.

Axcelerate machine learning: Users can start the machine translation process for selected documents with a quick and easy-to-use translation wizard

EnCase eDiscovery enhanced templates

Reduce the time to create new projects in OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery with enhanced templates. Templates enable administrators to quickly copy criteria and workflows from existing cases to reduce the time to create a new project by over 75 percent. Templates also standardize methodology across similar matters with just a few clicks to promote consistency and adherence to standards. EP7 also supports more secure cloud-based collections with support for Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and enhanced support for the Microsoft Graph API connector specific to Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint. Learn more.

New Decisiv user interface

An all new, consumer-grade UI completely reinvents the OpenText™ Decisiv™ user experience. Updated in the OpenText design language and complete with a mobile-responsive layout, the new UI emphasizes an intuitive single search bar and robust Smart Filters. Additional improvements enhance bookmark management, automated alerts, and folders. Under the hood, Decisiv continues to innovate search by merging traditional keyword and Boolean logic with machine learning for more accurate results. 

Decisiv: Mobile-responsive layout lets users search from anywhere, anytime

MindServer integration with eDOCS

EP7 features advanced find with the integration of OpenText™ eDOCS with OpenText MindServer, an AI-powered search engine add-on providing quick and automatic search models to find the most relevant information available, including related matters and authors. The search engine securely crawls and indexes information from inside eDOCS — saving legal teams valuable time while gaining more complete case, project and client knowledge. Learn more (coming soon).

eDOCS: Search suggestions, relevancy ranking, summary view with search term highlighting and faceted filtering

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Rachel Teisch

Rachel Teisch is Senior Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. She brings nearly two decades of experience in eDiscovery, and is responsible for product marketing for the OpenText Discovery suite of products. She most recently served as Vice President, Marketing, at Catalyst Repository Systems, which was acquired by OpenText in January 2019 and is now part of the OpenText Discovery portfolio.

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