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What OpenText Cybersecurity is bringing to the table at OpenText World 2023

Focus on Cybersecurity

With less than six weeks to go until OpenText World, the excitement for everything Cybersecurity is soaring. During the packed two-day event, attendees will hear from leaders and customers showcasing the innovations and solutions from OpenText Cybersecurity, covering topics such as AI, application security, data protection, and how our offerings are being integrated across other OpenText product lines.

Threat hunting powered by AI  

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many cybersecurity professionals are left questioning what comes next? Major players around the world are attempting to navigate AI and how to implement it correctly.  With a unique approach, OpenText Cybersecurity will show we’re a key competitor in the AI game at OpenText World.   

This year, we’ll be announcing Cybersecurity Aviator, using AI to detect and manage threat security concerns. Instead of relying on a security analyst to prompt the AI, we’re approaching things in a different way.  OpenText World attendees will not only be able to hear details about this new capability but will also be able to see a demonstration of it during the OpenText Cybersecurity Keynote and at our booth. 

Everybody needs application security  

Another topic equally applicable to every business is application security. Fortify by OpenText is the leader in the AppSec world and is bringing new and innovative capabilities through Fortify Select. During  breakout sessions, attendees will learn how Fortify is using AI to help cut down on time-intensive manual processes such as triaging and validating raw static analysis results, how Fortify helps companies improve their open-source security posture while keeping productivity high and developers happy, and how Fortify can make sure companies have the tools and capabilities to be prepared for any battle in the ever-changing market including attacks on software supply chains.  

Cross-product innovations  

Attendees will be able to see how Voltage by OpenText can provide them with an enriched layer of data protection and how NetIQ by OpenText can add additional elements of identity and access management. These breakout sessions will provide attendees with an immense amount of knowledge and insight that they will be able to use to help their organizations become more efficient in time, money, and cybersecurity protection.  

A word from our customers  

OpenText Cybersecurity customers will be sharing how OpenText Cybersecurity products have helped them achieve business goals. FiServ has been looking to OpenText Cybersecurity for Application Security Testing for over five years by embedding Fortify into their software development lifecycle and have been using Voltage to help protect their customers’ data.

Geoff Bibby

Geoff Bibby is Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Marketing and Strategy at OpenText Cybersecurity. In his role, Geoff leads a dedicated team of marketing professionals who wake up every day wanting to catapult OpenText further up the list of global cybersecurity leaders. Geoff and his team manage over 15 security brands, supporting millions of users across nearly every aspect of the cybersecurity space including adversarial threat analysis, application security, secure data discovery and cyber resilience. Before assuming this role, Geoff was on the Executive Leadership Team for Zix/AppRiver where he served as Chief Marking Officer. During that time, he played an integral role in helping the company grow into a cloud-based security leader before being acquired by OpenText in 2021. Geoff is an avid cyclist and endurance athlete. He and his wife Kathleen have three grown sons. While a Canadian native, Geoff now calls Dallas, TX his home.

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