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Unlock insights from dark data with semantic search

Data is the new oil – and that’s a good thing.” Today, organizations store vast amounts of institutional knowledge in dark data, locking it away in information silos across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. Unlocking this knowledge with semantic search can empower organizations to compete effectively, gain efficiency, and tackle new opportunities.

Goals: Competitive advantage, cost leadership and new markets

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ingredient to achieving organizational strategic objectives and unlocking the knowledge required to achieve those goals. It removes barriers to information discovery, content reuse, and facilitating data retrieval so that organizations can clearly outperform and achieve targets in a competitive, cost sensitive or niche market.

The OpenText Magellan AI and Analytics platform offers the capabilities to discover, analyze, and understand vast amounts of data, extracting the value that is directly needed by knowledge workers. Magellan automates the processes required to connect to the information silos and, using text mining, provides a semantic understanding of the dark data.

To increase the efficiency of knowledge workers even more, OpenText Magellan Search+ can provide Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) by adding capabilities to discover, find and easily retrieve the information. Magellan Search+ is a semantic search solution (also known as an insight engine or cognitive search) that allows knowledge workers to use data for insight and to complete business workflows.

Magellan Search+ identifying semantically similar content

Magellan Search+ orchestrates the creation of a unified index of the enterprise, enriching content with metadata from text mining processing, and delivering a semantic search experience tailored for each persona tied to an organization. Beyond traditional full text searching, Magellan Search+ can drill down and surface dark data, locked away in various silos, through understanding what users are intending to find. Knowledge workers can express their intent through concepts, business lingo, domain terminology, categories, similarity and even tone (sentiment) through selections in facets and filters, advanced searching capabilities like heat maps, or AI-powered recommendations.

How is the intent understood by the AI? With the taxonomies used by Magellan Search+ during its content analytics or linguistic analysis. Taxonomies organize human knowledge and allow the bringing of structure to unstructured content, to facilitate the extraction of knowledge.

For use with the Magellan Search+ solution, OpenText offers over 150 taxonomies which describe various business or vertical functions. Leveraging pre-built taxonomies, search implementation projects are accelerated and when combined with a Magellan Search+ Starter Package, a quick ROI can be achieved.

Getting started

The best approach begins with a Semantic Strategy Workshop, working with an OpenText Computational Linguist to explore how semantic technologies can be leveraged and how to best plan an enterprise search project. The workshop offers an overview of the technology, successful implementation examples and a look at the different content challenges.

Visit AI & Analytics Consulting Services for more information on Search+ and how to get started.

Marc St-Pierre

Marc is VP of Consulting Services for the Security + Artificial Intelligence + Linguistics & Translation practice. For more than 15 years, Marc has led services groups specialized in advanced and emerging technologies. He has lectured on semantic technologies and lead solution development such as Ai-Augmented Voice of the Customer and Magellan Search+.

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