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Digital fax remains an integral part of mission-critical communications. Meet the team inventing the future of fax – we recently caught up with Josee Martin, Senior Product Manager, to talk about the future of secure information exchange and document delivery.  

Why is fax so critical?  

The main strength is security – it’s why people and organizations keep faxing. It was the first way to communicate faster. Now it’s focused where security is paramount: healthcare, financial services, banking, and insurance. The future of faxing is product integrations. It answers a need for a secure way to send documents. Organizations are often using APIs and webservices today, so users might not even know they’re sending their documents via a fax solution.   

How did your career begin? What was your journey to product management and to OpenText? 

I came to OpenTextTM with the XMedius acquisition two years before the pandemic. Prior to that, I worked for a large telecommunications organization based in India for 17 years. The position caught my interest; they were a strong team of leaders and managers, and they were looking for someone less technical who would drive the market requirements forward. I came in with a fresh perspective.

I really enjoy driving requirements from a business standpoint and an engineering standpoint. Professionally, I felt like a late bloomer with fax being surrounded by so many senior people. But the team helped me get up to speed quickly since they were so knowledgeable.  

Josee Martinn is Senior Product Manager of OpenText XM Fax.

What do you like about working in product management? 

I’m lucky to have a very strong engineering team. I enjoy driving the requirements, the roadmap, and the backlog – everything related to product lifecycle. So I’m the owner of my product – OpenTextTM XM Fax – which also means owning it from end-to-end, so being involved for support related matters or finance for instance. I also participate into customer-facing calls from time to time. I try to address any friction in the process as an opportunity for improvement. I keep my eyes open and see if there are any other integrations to pursue related to document management, OCR or workflow. It’s important to think about the entire lifecycle, trim what’s not relevant and make sure what I do works from A-Z while looking to the future.   

What do you think lies ahead for fax? 

It’s funny seeing how people react to fax but it’s still relevant. It’s fun to prove there’s still room for fax and to bring forward interesting use cases. It’s a very mature product that has a lot of use cases around workflow integration. Users want to stay in their UI in existing systems and securely send documents: it is the universal goal we want to achieve with our integrations. The future of fax is moving from on-premises to cloud. It’s about educating customers they don’t have to get out of fax, just shift to a modern, integrated and scalable solution.     

Modernize your secure information exchange 

See how OpenText’s cloud fax solutions can transform your workflows. 

Sarah Churchman

Sarah Churchman is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at OpenText. She is well versed in all things Digital Experience, particularly our Digital and Cloud Fax Solutions. She has been supporting B2B and B2C marketing for 7 years working with a range of mid-market to enterprise customers.

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