Q&A with Alberto Garcia: OpenText’s Sales Rookie of the Year

Less than a year after being referred to OpenText by a former colleague, Alberto Garcia has already made his mark as the OpenText™ Sales Rookie…

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August 22, 20184 minute read

Less than a year after being referred to OpenText by a former colleague, Alberto Garcia has already made his mark as the OpenText™ Sales Rookie of the Year 2018. In this Q&A, we asked Alberto about his journey to becoming an Enterprise Account Manager with OpenText and what he likes best about working here, as well as his Rookie of the Year achievement and what advice he has for other ambitious account managers and sales professionals to succeed in this competitive industry.

Alberto, how did you find your calling as a sales professional and what brought you to OpenText?

I grew up with family members owning their own businesses, and it seems their entrepreneurial mindset was passed down to me. I even owned my own business, a Java development shop with more than 120 employees, and I’ve always felt at my best when selling solutions for customers. The complexity that comes with setting up a strategy to win a deal is fun, challenging, and exciting – and it’s what’s kept me motivated and interested in account management for the past 25 years.

Less than a year ago, one of my past colleagues who works at OpenText contacted me about an opportunity to join the company as an Enterprise Account Manager. Having worked in the technology industry for most of my career, I was intrigued by the company’s reputation, product base, and global reach. I liked the management approach that I could perceive during the hiring process, and I now appreciate how amazing our local team is and how supportive our colleagues from different units have been – they’re always willing to help.

What does your typical week look like and what does success look like in your role?

My main accountability is to co-ordinate the activity of all members of the OpenText team that supports my key accounts – marketing, business development, presales, professional services, product specialists, etc. – to align on the approach for every customer and prospect. My weeks aren’t really all that typical, but we always start with a weekly review on Mondays and then dive into customer visits, partner calls, and internal meetings to keep things moving forward.

Simply put, I succeed in my role when I contribute to OpenText’s success. And OpenText is great at recognizing when we do so, as I’ve seen with my Rookie of the Year award.

Tell us about your recent Rookie of the Year achievement and what it meant to you.

I wasn’t expecting it and I’m incredibly thankful. It feels great to be recognized like this, and I couldn’t have done it without the talented people I work with. It’s not a one-man band…it really is a team effort.

The project was for a top retailer in Spain that ranks 4th worldwide, and we saw enormous opportunity for their organization to gain efficiencies by adopting our xECM for Success Factors and to clear the path for a wider implementation of xECM to replace their outdated EIM platform. It’s a significant undertaking, and the OpenText team has rallied together to introduce a solution that will help this organization on their path to becoming an intelligent and connected enterprise.

Congrats on this achievement, Alberto. Sounds like quite the project! What advice would you give to other ambitious account managers and sales professionals?

Be resilient but focus on your best bets – learn to identify your “no-gos”. Enrich your speech and read every day about what others are doing in your field.

I’ve always been inspired to give my best when I get the sense that I’m contributing. It’s also motivating to be recognized for your efforts. And you’ve got to have fun, so the people you work with are key. Look for an employer who can offer you what you need to bring your best.

Any final comments on your experience at OpenText so far?

I appreciate the friendly, helpful environment and how accessible our management team is. As a sales professional, I value having the right empowerment to perform and I think OpenText has nailed it – if you do well you will shine, and if you don’t you’ll also be noticed.

There are many things to do here, a huge opportunity in products to sell, and the company is investing in technologies that are changing the corporate IT management landscape. I simply want to be a part of this.

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