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Is your web content management business ready?

Changing your website based on business needs should be child’s play

More than ever, there is an increasing need for organizations to ensure their webpages and web content can be easily edited, by an increasing number of people, from across multiple departments. And to ensure that only those authorized to do so can make, accept and approve these changes.

With the increase in remote and home working, the requirement to make web content accessible via a secure connection is more relevant than ever before. However, on premise and legacy solutions are often left wanting. To address these challenges, many organizations are moving towards cloud deployments of their Web Content Management Solution (WCMS).

The most vital requirement of any solution is that it is always available, always on, and comes with service level agreements that meet modern business needs. The customer of today expects a personalized experience but is unwilling to accept outages or out of date information on a company’s website.

Many customer service websites today display a banner relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it is having on their service levels. Customers expect frequently updated content, not generic, static experiences from a company’s website. So why have brands not been able to meet this customer need in what is a constantly changing landscape.

The problem is that many organizations have a WCMS that is controlled by IT, and not optimized for the business users. Or they have workflow and approval systems that are too rigid for today’s agile world. If organizations have an on-premise deployment, or one hosted in a data centre controlled by the IT team, business users working remotely may not have access to the system to make or request updates outside of the firewall.

It does not have to be this painful! With the right tools in place, business users can be given direct access, a fast, efficient approval processes and a resilient system that is deployed and supported in the cloud by a known, trusted cloud provider.

Just think: the ability to edit, change and control one of the organization’s most important customer facing tools – to change assets using simple workflows with built-in security and approvals that is fully integrated with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Imagine having an always on, always up to date WCMS that is managed in the cloud and owned by business users with an online approval process.

Don’t just think about it – make this a reality, come and talk to us here at OpenText about our modern cloud solutions or read further about OpenText™ Teamsite™ WCMS on our website.

Paul Miller

Paul brings over 30 years of knowledge in driving end to end Customer Experience, helping businesses move the customer journey to the next level. Paul provides expertise in Voice Analytics, Web Content Management and Artificial Intelligence and how bringing them together creates a paradigm shift. He brings a deep technical ability and key skills needed to guide organizations through the technology, ensuring they can move forward with the information needed and get the most out of their solutions.

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