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How to accelerate the move to the SAP Cloud

Retire your legacy application with proven cloud archive solution

With the ever-changing technology landscape, more and more organizations are moving their operations to the cloud, many of which are partnering with SAP as part of SAP RISE. For some of these organizations, in order to embrace the cloud and all it has to offer, they must first decide what to do with the dozens of applications left behind, along with the data stored within these applications.

For organizations that operate within regulated industries, addressing this challenge can prove to be quite complex and result in lost opportunities for modernization and increased costs. Secure and compliant consolidation of these applications in a cost-effective manner requires a new approach and calls for careful planning. OpenText™ and its trusted partner SAP have a solution for this; let’s explore how best to overcome roadblocks while moving to the cloud.

Retiring legacy applications

When transitioning to the cloud, it is important that only the most recent, business-relevant data be moved into SAP systems. What should be done with all remaining applications, data and content? Much of this historical data must remain accessible for compliance reasons or because users may need it in their daily work, reporting or data mining activities. However, maintaining live applications can become costly over time.

Archiving data and content

One solution is archiving older data and content so that it is preserved yet still accessible when needed. Companies can use automated tools such as AI-driven search engines to quickly retrieve archived information from any device at any time—all without having to maintain costly live databases or applications. This allows organizations to access all relevant information quickly and easily without having to pay for expensive storage solutions or inefficient manual searches through legacy systems. Additionally, archiving ensures compliance with legal regulations pertaining to document retention policies which further reduces risk for businesses.

Ensure compliance with legal regulations pertaining to retention policies

Leveraging automation tools

Another way companies can remove roadblocks on their path towards cloud adoption is by leveraging automation tools such as AI-driven search engines that enable faster retrieval of archived documents from any device at any time without having to maintain live databases or applications—further increasing efficiency while reducing risk and costs associated with making a move to the cloud. Additionally, leveraging automation tools makes it easier for companies who are dealing with large quantities of data—such as those within eCommerce industries—to locate relevant information quickly and accurately when needed; this increases customer satisfaction while boosting overall productivity within the organization as well.

Simplifying your move to the cloud  

Moving your business operations onto the cloud offers numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings but also comes with its own set of challenges such as retiring legacy applications. Fortunately, there are ways around these obstacles to ensure compliance along with access to data through a single UI. OpenText™ InfoArchive™ Cloud Edition allows organizations to modernize and leverage the agility and innovation offered by SAP RISE by addressing the common challenge organizations struggle with when it comes to fully shutting down and turning off their legacy applications.

To learn more about InfoArchive and how it can accelerate your move to the SAP Cloud, visit the SAP Store.

Nicholas Mauldin

Nicholas Mauldin is a member of the OpenText Alliances & Solution Marketing organization. Along with our partner, SAP, Nicholas has spent the last 15 years working with customers to help deliver innovative solutions that accelerate transformation and extract the most value out of business information.

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