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HIMSS19: Intelligent and connected healthcare begins with OpenText

OpenText showcases comprehensive cloud-based integration and data management capabilities

HIMSS19 has been a fantastic event, and a great meeting of minds for health IT leaders. And this year, OpenText™ showcased its expanded focus on the sector, including healthcare solutions from the recently announced acquisition of Liaison Technologies and its award-winning Alloy for Healthcare platform.  With the addition of Alloy for Healthcare, OpenText now offers healthcare organizations a comprehensive, advanced cloud-based platform for integrating applications and better leveraging data across the healthcare continuum.

Alloy for Healthcare integrates with OpenText industry-leading cloud solutions for paperless faxing and management of medical records – OpenText™ RightFax™, OpenText™ RightFax™ Healthcare Direct and OpenText™ Content Services for Healthcare – to provide healthcare organizations with the modern digital platform they need to increase interoperability, securely exchange healthcare information and digitally transform to better serve patients.

“The digital revolution is driving sweeping changes in how organizations gather, store and share information.” said Stephen Ludlow, vice president of product marketing at OpenText. “While healthcare was initially slower to embrace this transformation, patient expectations for efficiency, privacy and simplicity in information access are causing providers to examine their information management practices.  Healthcare providers must modernize legacy systems and embrace new technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry and meet patients’ growing expectations.”

Nearly universal consideration of interoperability tools, regardless of protocol

Findings from a new survey of healthcare IT professionals conducted by OpenText in conjunction with IDG Research were also announced at HIMSS19. The results confirm the critical nature of secure digital and cloud solutions for information sharing, with 84-95% of survey respondents stating they have currently deployed some type of interoperability tools or have tools under consideration. A clear demonstration of the nearly universal importance placed on achieving greater interoperability across the complex healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare organizations today must integrate and manage data from the ever increasing number of new cloud-based applications. These applications, including wearables, health monitoring devices and social media feeds, generate vast amounts of both structured and unstructured data that, when aggregated, provides a more complete picture of the patients and patient populations, essential for better decision making and driving new digital approaches to caregiving.

The OpenText Alloy for Healthcare platform enables healthcare providers to integrate and manage all types of data from any applications or data sources. Alloy for Healthcare helps users eliminate data silos between applications and aggregate, cleanse and harmonize data to help deliver insights. Offered as a managed service, this latest solution to the OpenText family, helps healthcare organizations gain greater value from their data while maintaining the strictest compliance with patient data security and privacy regulations.

Paperless faxing with RightFax and RightFax Healthcare Direct:

According to survey respondents, 50% of all medical communications continue to be done via some form of fax, with paperless faxing now surpassing paper-based faxing in terms of medical communications volume. Sixty-eight percent of respondents were in favor of entirely phasing out paper-based faxing, which often results in security and privacy risks to patient data and causes delays in the exchange of vital healthcare information, but only four percent of respondents thought that faxing should be entirely phased out of healthcare. This leaves an important gap to be filled with paperless, digital faxing. In fact, seventy-six percent of respondents agree with the statement, “we are happy with our current paperless faxing methods because they are integrated with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), back-end system or other applications.”

The RightFax paperless fax solution is a game-changer for healthcare providers, enabling them to securely fax across the organization and care continuum. RightFax helps providers to make a seamless transition to a modern, secure, digital and interoperable exchange of patient health information. RightFax is integrated across systems like EMRs and applications like email, desktop and document management systems. A digital approach to faxing allows users in the healthcare sector to accelerate interoperability, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

RightFax™ Healthcare Direct, the first solution to combine fax and direct messaging by sending a Direct message when possible and a fax only when necessary.  The solution leverages the provider’s existing RightFax solution and facilitates the secure exchange of patient information in a consistent electronic format that streamlines provider workflows.

In addition to the RightFax solutions, OpenText offers a Healthcare Enterprise Information Management solution that facilitates the management and integration of medical records and helps provide secure access to these records by authorized personnel in any location. This solution provides caregivers with visibility into patients’ comprehensive medical histories in order to better evaluate test results, make more informed diagnoses, and deliver better care.

Let’s continue the conversation!  Check out the IDG Health IT survey findings  and visit us at: https://www.opentext.com/campaigns/himss


Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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