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In a world full of disruptions and unexpected events, customer communications have never been so important. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated over the…

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June 21, 20224 minute read

In a world full of disruptions and unexpected events, customer communications have never been so important. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated over the past few years, with many companies adopting agile operations to improve their speed to market. Customers want relevant, personalized, seamless, and consistent experiences – yet many companies struggle with marketing and communications operational siloes. This can lead to inconsistent brand experiences, generic mass offers, and the inability to extract data insights on message performance and conversions.

With the release of OpenTextTM Experience Cloud Editions 22.2, we are building on our platform vision to enable brands to deliver data-driven, personalized, on-brand omnichannel communications experiences.

Energize agile cloud communications

Pre-processing data files in order to use multiple data sources causes higher effort, consumes IT resources, and increases the time required to prepare communications. Today’s world is on-demand and event-driven. Integrators need low-latency API-driven methods for triggering pre- and post-communication actions to deliver the responsive customer journey. Customer service agents need high productivity tools that let them deliver the most relevant customer communications in the shortest amount of time.

With OpenTextTM ExstreamTM CE 22.2, we’re ensuring the continuity of production processing with the least amount of downtime possible through cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) and multi-cluster high availability (HA). Enhanced job control while in process improves the efficiency of job throughput and accuracy, while reducing wasted transactions and cost to the business. New tools allow for greater control over the production process, testing across channels and the ability to automate event-driven, real-time communications. Easily cancel a waiting or started job, flow instance or step via API to identify any canceled job or monitor status on jobs. There is now support for reference files enabling connectivity to multiple sources of data for communication creation.

The new release also provides support for Kafka messaging queues to accelerate microservice cloud development with commonly-used tools. Users can now trigger a communication using a Kafka message. Exstream CE 22.2 offers support for Aurora on AWS, which provides a pathway to the highest uptime available on the AWS platform.

We’ve also introduced support for Core for SAP® SuccessFactors, which allows for design, authoring, editing and delivery in a focused application for HR documents as a multi-tenant public cloud solution.

Activate first-party data for deeply personalized experiences

Leverage data to synchronize and personalize, creating high-value communications-experiences and offers like lead scoring, a preference center, next-best offers, or ultra-custom offers to stem churn. OpenTextTM Experience CDP 22.2 is deeply integrated into Exstream and now offers an integration with a leading big data platform. Automatically integrate valuable first-party business data from GoogleTM BigQueryTM for customer profile attributes and intelligent cohorts using BigQuery Machine Learning. Create higher-value customer relationships by optimizing the customer journey with machine learning predictions for next best offer. Experience CDP helps provide a common customer data record to ensure a consistent experience within each channel or interaction. It provides an up-to-the-minute view of the customer and their context, allowing companies to better understand who their customers are, what products they own, what their preferences are and what action to take next with personalized experiences and targeted communications. Developers can configure any customer data into Experience CDP using API’s and user interface.

Simplify customer operations and empower business users

Exstream’s web-based designer makes it easy to design engaging communications for any channel, from scratch. Users can easily adhere to branding guidelines when creating responsive emails. An expert no longer needs to create a customized message for every device or screen which reduces the reliance on the IT department. Exstream’s content authoring capability allows line of business users to change content and messages based on what the designer has produced. Communications can be personalized for one-to-one interactions, with controlled interactive editing capability which allows for the updating of quotes, letters, proposals and more on the fly.

With the 22.2 release, we’re enhancing the ability to view and control communication workflows. By viewing a simple visual overview, process owners can review and approve all communication processes before completion. This ensures regulatory and business standards can be validated via approval workflows for one-to-one communications.

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