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What is the information advantage?

Information is the disruption and the opportunity

Over the last twelve months we have experienced Delta, Omicron, The Great Attrition, Inflation, the Taliban back in power, California fires, $8 trillion lost in US markets, Russia’s war on Ukraine, 11 million refugees in Europe and our own deeply personal journeys. It is a unique time of poly-crisis.

We are each changed forever.

We are living in exponential times, with exponential forces. Organizations are facing an unprecedented set of business, market, technology and talent disruptions, all at once. Over the past three years, remote work and direct-to-consumer have doubled. Electric vehicles are skyrocketing. Gen Z is taking over the workforce, with Gen Alpha on the horizon. ESG is critical to growth with commitments soaring year-over-year.

Disruption is exponential and accelerating

We have never moved this quickly before, and we will never move this slowly again.

In the midst of this sweeping acceleration—whether it is cloud, 5G, IoT, AI/ML or the new dawn of quantum—look around, and ask yourself: what is the disruptive force?

It is information.

Information is the disruptive force, leveraging extreme automation, extreme computing and extreme network connectivity.

Information is abundant. It is everything, everywhere all at the same time, originating from both humans and machines.

The domain explosion of information is real—across business, wearables, cars, transportation, logistics, shipping, agriculture, medical, sports, communications, behavior… and everything else! Machines generate 1000x more data a day than humans, and it is only accelerating. We used to count in the millions, we now count in the billions, and soon, trillions.

There is zero friction with information, and zero marginal cost in its growth.

But information needs to be managed: stored, exchanged, enhanced and transformed. It has a lifecycle. Information can be unleashed via business applications to drive information-led transformations. It needs to be properly architected with modeling, simulations, insights and learning. And where information and global processes meet, compliance and risk management strategies play a pivotal role.

It is clear that the world is exponential and accelerating, and there are new rules and new expectations for the best run companies in this galaxy.

So how can organizations turn rapidly accelerating disruption into exponential opportunities and sustained business value?

The answer is the information advantage.

The information advantage is the competitive lift that comes from using information to its full potential. It is what happens when an organization transforms the way it manages, leverages and applies information. Today, the information advantage happens in the cloud. A new digital fabric, underpinning every business.

The information advantage empowers organizations to be three key things: intelligent, connected and responsible.

Intelligent, connected and responsible

Intelligent organizations drive business processes with simplicity and security by removing friction and generating crucial insights for better, faster decisions.

Connected organizations ensure customers, partners, talent and machines are connected at the core and at the edge via sophisticated trading grids.

Responsible organizations safeguard their information and use it to solve the next big problems—from climate and sustainability, to diversity and inclusion, to governance and trust.

With the information advantage, businesses are tackling exponential problems and doing amazing things at galactic speeds.

Solving the exponential

The future is not something to predict. It is something to build. And it is made from the best parts of today.

It is made with the information advantage.

Learn more about how the information advantage can benefit your organization.

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's CEO & CTO. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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