OpenText World 2023—AI and Its Forces of Change

AI will change everything. We are in the midst of a massive shift from the cloud digital era to the AI cognitive era. Automation, data…

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September 26, 20234 minutes read

AI will change everything.

We are in the midst of a massive shift from the cloud digital era to the AI cognitive era. Automation, data and learning models are coming together to work seamlessly. AI will require a whole new ontology, a new way of thinking, all centered on how we innovate and how we create.

The world is moving fast, and the organizations who will lead are making the AI pivot now.

Join us for OpenText World 2023 on October 11-12 in Las Vegas, where we will be focusing on the future of AI, and its forces of change on commerce, climate, biotech and the very nature of work itself.

With more than 150 sessions and 100 speakers, attendees will learn from world-leading experts and business leaders about how they are evolving for the future of AI, develop skills in hands-on labs, and network with partners and peers. Plus, you will have the opportunity to explore various use cases, demo OpenText solutions, and let us help you find the foundational tools and platforms you need to scale AI-led processes for your business.

You’ll learn about, our strategy for helping our customers unlock the potential of AI and large language models to solve their most complex problems. Customers will be able to explore our latest solutions for powering and protecting information, including our new product line, OpenText Aviator. OpenText Aviator is our extraordinary suite of AI innovations, which we’re embedding across all our major solutions and services.

You’ll also learn how OpenText is reimagining our own software development processes, and our commitment to sustainability, data privacy and trust.

Meet Our Luminary Speakers

Headshots of key speakers from OpenText World 2023 with their names and titles
A selection of OpenText World 2023 Luminary Speakers

We are bringing together industry experts to share their views on AI and the most important issues of our time.

In my keynote, I will delve into the opportunities offered by generative AI, automation, the cloud, the Internet of Things and the emergent technologies that are supercharging business. I will also showcase and reveal OpenText Aviator, our new suite of AI innovations. The world is evolving, and it’s time for every organization to begin their AI journey.

OpenText EVP & Chief Product Officer, Muhi S. Majzoub’s keynote will showcase the highlights of OpenText’s Titanium X product roadmap designed to help customers take advantage of new opportunities with information management. From cloud acceleration to cybersecurity, Muhi will talk about OpenText’s upcoming innovations and advanced technologies that will help customers stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. He will also discuss OpenText’s unique approach to software co-innovation to build integrated solutions with SAP, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, AWS and others.

Dr. Joy Buolamwini—AI expert, artist, activist and Founder of the Algorithmic Justice League—will speak about Design Justice and Values-Based Innovation in a software process world.

David Wallace-Wells, author of the instant New York Times best-seller, The Uninhabitable Earth, will explore the future of our climate and our impact on the planet.

Former UN Chief Economist & Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, Elliott Harris, joins us with an illuminating talk on UN Sustainability Goals.

Vivek Wadhwa, futurist, author and emerging technologies expert, is going to go deep into the incredible value AI is creating and how to balance it with real-world risks.

And we have many more speakers, including Career and Workplace Expert, and New York Times best-selling author Lindsey Pollak; President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Carol Rollie Flynn; Group VP at IDC, Simon Ellis; and Founder, Chairman and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, R “Ray” Wang.

The Future Is Human + AI

AI will shape our future and what it means to be human. It will elevate human capabilities, empowering us to reach heights we never thought possible.

OpenText will be a trusted partner on our customers’ AI journey. Now is the time to lean in and learn, so businesses can navigate the new tech era, soar beyond barriers and seize the opportunities on the horizon.

I invite you to register now for what’s going to be an absolutely incredible event—our best OpenText World ever!

I look forward to exploring the future of AI and its forces of change with you at OpenText World 2023!

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Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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