Three ways OpenText and Quest Diagnostics are modernizing customer experience in healthcare

In her annual Internet Trends Report, KPCG partner Mary Meeker highlights the impact of technology on consumer expectations and the need for better information management….

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October 11, 20185 minutes read

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In her annual Internet Trends Report, KPCG partner Mary Meeker highlights the impact of technology on consumer expectations and the need for better information management. According to Meeker, technology has changed consumer expectations, creating demands for modern retail experiences, more digital engagement, on-demand access, transparency, and simple payments.

Healthcare is no exception. Today, patients have more financial responsibility and burden placed on them than ever and providers must be responsive to customer demands. OpenText partnered with Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, to integrate OpenText LiquidOffice with its Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly ChartMaxx) offering. The integrated solution improves information management, introduces automation, and helps address common pain points in the healthcare system, such as interoperability of systems, manual processes, and billing issues.

Partnering with OpenText

Every provider Quest Diagnostics works with is unique. Leveraging its vast healthcare  experience, Quest builds and configures the solutions they need to meet customer demands.

“Quest works with LiquidOffice because it is a flexible solution that allows us to directly work with our customers,” said Tom Romeo, General Manager of Healthcare IT Solutions at Quest Diagnostics. “The relationship we have with OpenText is collaborative – OpenText has become part of our team. Because we’ve fostered such a great relationship, we feel comfortable bringing them in to speak directly to our customers.”

“We are excited about the partnership with Quest Diagnostics on their Enterprise Content Solutions offering and the ability to help improve information management and patient outcomes,” said Alex Martinez, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OpenText. “For processes involving people, information and content, LiquidOffice can have a significant impact on productivity, customer service and the bottom line. In healthcare, this translates to lower costs, better experience, and most importantly, better outcomes for patients.”

OpenText and Quest Diagnostics – The Intelligent Information Core for Healthcare

Every year, Quest Diagnostics serves one in three adult Americans and half the physicians and hospitals in the United States. Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions from Quest Diagnostics provides award-winning capabilities that enhance the speed and ease of content management for even the most complex organizations in healthcare. The integration with LiquidOffice enables Quest customers to automate document and forms-driven processes using electronic forms and workflow capabilities for improved efficiency, control and customer satisfaction.

The results for providers and patients are powerful. Together, Quest and OpenText are working to improve patient care, creating a more seamless hospital experience, and helping providers meet the demands of the modern consumer, with:

  1. Innovation: Reducing manual and paper-based solutions improves patient experience and outcomes. With the combined solution, one of the largest Catholic health systems in the country was able to reduce a 13-step manual, paper-based financial aid application  process to just five steps.
  2. Improved Operational Efficiencies: A prominent Children’s Healthcare facility uses the combined solution for peer reviews and rehab scheduling, reducing average time to deliver treatment plans from days to minutes. By giving hospitals a better understanding of financial outcomes and how they can improve processes across the organization, the technology helps put proper checks and balances in place that also lowers costs.
  3. Compliance or Regulatory Purposes: HIPAA compliance is fundamental for many Quest customers. The solution allows customers using Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions to create HIPAA compliant electronic forms.

Best Practices

Choosing a partner to implement a new solution can be daunting. When asked about advice he would give to businesses looking to implement similar solutions, Romeo provided a few recommendations:

  1. Know your product: Once an innovative solution is introduced , education and training will be required, which can take some time. Set up the organization for success by digging in and truly understanding exactly how the new technology will compliment your current solution, and how it will extend your capabilities.
  2. Know your customers: Before you get started, take note of your customer’s pain points. Ask, will this truly improve workflow for your customers? What specific gaps or voids in your solution will this fill?
  3. Know your partner: Always keep the lines of communication open with your partner and treat them as part of your team. With any ongoing partnership, having a strategic dialogue between two organizations is key. Open communication promotes a better understanding of the products and technologies on both side of the equation. Only then can you leverage the partnership to its full potential and continue to solve more customer needs.

What’s next?

Quest Diagnostics is not shy about their aspirations. “We want Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions to become the go-to content solution for the entire health system,” said Romeo. At OpenText, we are excited to support Quest Diagnostics as they strive to expand and scale throughout the healthcare industry.

If you are interested in learning more about OpenText LiquidOffice and how OpenText can help you address high costs, low efficiency and higher risk of errors typically associated with manual processes to capture, validate, review and route information, visit our website. 

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