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Unveiling OpenText Qfiniti Explore 24.1

Contact centers face persistent challenges in ensuring optimal agent productivity and efficiency. OpenText™ Qfiniti Explore 24.1 emerges as a beacon of innovation, addressing the pressing issues contact centers face by transforming customer interactions into seamless, satisfying experiences. This release marks a significant stride toward addressing many challenges Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) environments face.

Challenges addressed

The relentless struggle with heavy workloads, diverse customer inquiries, and complex issues has often led to poor agent productivity and efficiency in contact centers. The elusive goal of achieving a seamless First Call to Resolution (FCR) is hindered by agents lacking training or access to comprehensive customer information. This results in frustrated customers, diminished service quality, and brand deterioration.

Empowering agents

Qfiniti Explore 24.1 places a spotlight on agent experience management, connecting agents, and advanced analytics and quality management. With a focus on providing CCaaS solution providers like Sinch with extended capabilities, this release is poised to revolutionize how Contact Center as a Service operates.

Key features

  • Advanced Analytics Add-ons to CCaaS: By analyzing agent and customer interactions, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance customer experience. Common complaints can be addressed, and personalized service opportunities can be identified.
  • Speech Analytics for Quality Control in CCaaS: Unlock the power of agent autoscore with faster quality management monitoring calls enabling the identification of areas where additional training or support is needed. Workflow processes can be enhanced to ensure consistent interactions meet company standards.

Benefits to a CCaaS ecosystem

By implementing changes based on AI-powered analytics, contact centers can significantly enhance the overall customer experience, addressing common complaints and providing personalized service.

AI-enabled speech analytics ensures that calls are monitored effectively, identifying areas for improvement, and supporting agents where necessary. This leads to consistent interactions that meet high-quality standards.

Qfiniti Explore 24.1 is not just a release, it’s a strategic move towards making Contact Centers as a Service more intelligent, connected, secure, and responsible. Embrace the future of customer service with Qfiniti Explore 24.1, where excellence is not just an expectation but a guarantee.

Alex Martinez

Alex is a Senior Product Marketing manager at OpenText with over 20 years experience working with customers and partners across multiple verticals with a strong focus on the Healthcare and Financial Services markets. He is keen on guiding customers through their digital transformation journey, taking a solution-oriented approach to solving their day-to-day problems.

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