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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s an Aviator. Join us at OpenText World 2023 to find out. The future of AI You: What is…

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August 29, 20236 minute read

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It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s an Aviator.

Join us at OpenText World 2023 to find out.

The future of AI

You: What is the future of AI?

Yeti: It’s the application of AI to enterprise-grade use cases to help us work smarter.

You: But really, what is the Future of AI [with concern]?

Yeti: I feel your pain. You might feel like you can’t keep up with AI trends or may not yet know how to implement generative AI at your company.  Or worse, you might fear that your job may be eliminated due to AI. But don’t worry, the future of AI is what you make it. 

With extreme computing power, ultimate networking, large data sets, and the emergence of new Large Language Models (LLMs), AI is becoming mainstream. It’s shaping the future, what it means to be a company, and what it means to be human.

The cognitive race is on. AI experimentation is fueling groundbreaking innovations across all industries. Although interacting with AI may seem simple from the user’s perspective, it involves many sophisticated technologies working together behind the scenes—big data, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and more. Integrating all this requires expertise, strategy, and insight.

You: What is the future of AI [philosophically]?

Yeti: It’s about learning.  

You: Learning?   

Yeti: Learning is the acquisition of knowledge and skills through experience, study, and being taught. If we don’t experience it, it is hard to learn it. So, the way humans and machines can now learn together through conversations and experiences is the future of AI.

Generative experiences   

OpenText World 2023 is not just another conference. It’s an experience designed to take you on a learning journey to “earn your wings” and accelerate the business outcomes you want to achieve through information management.  But moreover, the future of AI is in the how humans and machines can solve the next generation of challenges. We hope to open your minds to how technology can be used for good. 

We begin the conference with a set of luminary speakers.  Here is a preview of your 10-stop itinerary:

Your flight plan starts with Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO of OpenText. A prominent thought leader, Mark’s extensive experience in information technology and business affords him unique insights into today’s world of rapid disruption and evolving technological change. In his latest position paper on, Mark shares his perspectives on the future of AI.   

Next, join Vivek Wadhwa, academic and author of five best sellers about the ethics of AI, as he delves into AI value creation and how to balance the incredible value AI is creating with real-world risks. Get ready to open your minds!

We then soar to the future with David Wallace-Wells, deputy editor of New York Magazine and author of The Uninhabitable Earth, as he explores the future of climate. Come to OpenText World to meet David in person and hear how AI can advance our impact on the planet.

Meet the president of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Carol Rollie Flynn, as she delves into her talk on the next generation of threats. With the future of AI, data security and privacy will become more important than ever. Come learn more. 

The final highlight on Day One will be Elliott Harris, former United Nations chief economist and assistant secretary-general for economic development.  Elliott will illuminate our minds with a talk on UN sustainability goals. Your learning journey will benefit from hearing how AI plays a role in sustainability and how it can intersect with your ESG agenda.

On the next day, the flights plan starts with Muhi S. Majzoub, executive vice president and Chief Product Officer of OpenText.  Muhi will share our exciting innovation roadmap and how we are building cloud services to better give our customers the AI advantage.

Next, enjoy opening your minds with RRay” Wang, founder, chairman and principal analyst of Constellation Research Inc. and well-known thought leader in AI.  Ray has worked with companies of all sizes to reimagine their business models. His thoughts and insights on how AI can reshape your business to dominate your market will leave you wanting to hear more.

For those with an operational background – you’re in for a treat with Simon Ellis, leading industry analyst and group vice president with IDC.  Simon will share his insights on the next generation of supply chains based on IDC FutureScape research and predictions to inform us on how to best balance resilience and efficiency in the supply chain.

Our next stop is Lindsey Pollak, New York Times best-selling author and thought leader on shaping the future of talent. Come learn more about in the age of AI, how you need to rethink the multigenerational workplace and new rules for the next generation of leaders.

Our final stop brings us to Dr. Joy Buolamwini — AI expert, activist, and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League.  Joy is a poet of code who uses art and research to illuminate the social implications of AI. Come get inspired by her journey into design justice and values-based innovation.

You: What is the Future of AI (practically)?

Yeti: It is about information management. 

You: Why information management?  

Yeti: Better information management leads to better data, and better data leads to better AI. 

Make the AI pivot

Whether you need a flight plan to get started or want to mingle with trusted guides, OpenText World is the one place where you can get all the support you need. Hear about AI trends from luminary guest speakers, explore our business cloud tracks to see what’s new in our CE 23.4 release, see demos of new OpenText Aviator solutions, and let us help you find the foundational tools and platforms you need to scale AI-led processes for your business.

Embrace the new possibilities with learning data and generative AI. From automating your information across clouds to connecting data required for AI, come explore how information management and generative AI can help you level-up efficiencies and take flight. See you there!

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