Scanning the headlines for digital truth

Every day brings news of a security breach, high-stakes litigation or fraud. So, where do those working on both sides of the headlines turn for digital forensics? For more than 20 years, large corporations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies have relied on Digital Discovery.

The Dallas-based eDiscovery and data consulting firm uncovers digital truth for its clients, even when the data field is vast and spread across many sources and devices. In addition to routine places to look, Digital Discovery scours the nooks and crannies of encrypted hard drives, mobile phones, IoT and social media. This calls for some robust forensic-grade collection and investigation.

In a search for a primary forensic tool, Steve Davis, Director of Business Development for Digital Discovery, said one solution stood out:

OpenText EnCase brings both breadth and depth in terms of what it does. It deals with all data types, so it also doesn’t have a lot of limitations in terms of sizing and the things you can open. Steve Davis, Director of Business Development for Digital Discovery


Using OpenText™ EnCase™, investigators at Digital Discovery capture, decrypt, and explore evidence, no matter the amount, source or device. Automation and indexing capabilities support complex, though efficient queries, enabling Digital Discovery to maintain dogged attention to detail, even when confronted by pressing deadlines.

We are providing a service that is helping clients get to information that they otherwise wouldn’t get to in an expedient manner…. If we didn’t have OpenText EnCase as part of our toolkit, it would make our lives a heck of a lot harder.Steve Davis, Director of Business Development for Digital Discovery

As a go-to specialist in defensible discovery, Digital Discovery lifts the burden of evidence gathering for its news-making clients, allowing them to fade away from the headlines and get back to business.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Davis about its services for a story. Check it out here.

Keri Linscott

Keri is a Customer Marketing Manager based in Waterloo, Canada. Keri is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Through customer programs and reference activity she gives customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations through technology. She specializes in activities for the Discovery, Security, Portfolio and OpenText Hightail suite of solutions.

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