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Scale high-volume BI at lightning speed 

Increase application value with a multi-tenant cloud BI service built for exceptionally large data volumes

So, you’re moving to the cloud and now your data is in multiple clouds.  You’ve got your CRM and sales data in one cloud, your ERP and financial data in another, and human resources in a third.  Where do you organize that data? How do you bring that data together to get a holistic view of the enterprise?  Organizations struggle to find a BI cloud service that delivers insights and analysis in context from large data volumes across multiple clouds. 

With this release OpenText™ Magellan™ BI and Reporting – Public Cloud 23.3 has embedded the OpenTextTM VerticaTM analytical database to work with the largest data volumes at unlimited scale. This elastic, multi-tenant, SaaS offering enables data-driven organizations to define, centrally deploy, and seamlessly embed metrics as well as interactive reports, dashboards, and self-service BI capabilities into any application to empower its users with answers, insights, and application automation.  

Scalable BI Service from large data volumes  

The integration of the multi-tenant OpenText BI Cloud Service with the highly scalable and proven Vertica analytical database empowers organizations to unlock insights in seconds from exceptionally large data volumes that can combine data from multiple cloud data sources. 

Image of dashboard editor, showing various charts based on incoming data.

Dashboard Editor delivered from OpenText BI Cloud Service.

Make BI applications more valuable 

Increase the value of enterprise BI applications with easy embeddability, security, and scalability. With our API-first BI platform, everything that can be done via the browser can be accomplished with easy-to-use public APIs.  Improve user satisfaction by quickly sharing insights and adding interactivity and self-service report and dashboard creation capabilities to applications.  Add rich ad-hoc access to data and report building features with a small amount of effort.  Exceed application requirements by customizing to meet any business workflow, integration, and BI authoring requirement. 

Accelerate time to get BI project started  

One of the key challenges with getting a new BI project off the ground can be the time it takes to procure the software, allocate hardware resources, and secure skilled IT personnel to install, configure, and manage the BI platform. Because Magellan BI and Reporting – Public Cloud is a highly scalable multi-tenant BI cloud service, you can get started immediately.  The software and hardware configurations and updates are managed by the OpenText Public Cloud team. 

OpenText BI Cloud Service using Vertica as the data engine will be available on OpenText Public Cloud soon.  Contact OpenText for more information and discover how OpenText™ Magellan™ BI and Reporting – Public Cloud can help you scale your BI in the cloud. 

Virgil Dodson

Virgil Dodson is a marketing director for the OpenText Magellan Analytics and AI products. Virgil is a developer at heart who enjoys solving problems with IoT, big data, AI and machine learning. In his spare time, he enjoys Rubik's cubes, solving puzzles, collecting coins, and taking pictures. Lately, he has spent time understanding how Magellan integrates with other OpenText products to help expose Analytics and AI to every business application.

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