OpenText World 2021: Be Digital

It is time to be digital. Today, the world’s best-run organizations are defined by their ability to drive technology-led transformations. When the pandemic forced us…

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November 2, 20213 minute read

It is time to be digital.

Today, the world’s best-run organizations are defined by their ability to drive technology-led transformations. When the pandemic forced us to be physically distant, technology allowed organizations to be agile, productive and creative. Being digital has permeated and re-defined every aspect of our lives—and there is no going back. Companies must adapt.

OpenText World 2021, happening exclusively online November 16th to 18th, will chart the future of business with a digital mindset. Broadcasting LIVE from the San Francisco Exploratorium, OpenText World will be the largest gathering of Information Management experts on the planet! This year, we are joining forces with Enfuse, our cybersecurity conference, for one incredible event. Find out how organizations that have gone all-in on digital are mastering modern work. Powering modern customer experiences. Creating sustainable supply networks. Becoming cyber resilient. And driving the API economy. Learn new strategies for Information Management that will empower you to grow your business, be more competitive and help build stronger communities for the future.

OpenText World: Keynote Speakers & Guests

In my keynote on Day One, I’ll describe the four major trends happening in the world right now that every business must pay attention to. Work is distributed, and traditional models of authority and collaboration are rapidly—and permanently—changing. Every business transaction is going virtual and paperless. Customers are looking for a tailored, seven-star experience. And for any business to survive, security and privacy must be Job #1.

The response to these forces is both complex and simple: BE DIGITAL.

In his keynote on Day Two, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at OpenText, Muhi S. Majzoub, will explore how distributed work has forced companies worldwide to accelerate their adoption of Information Management technologies. Muhi will reveal incredible innovations across OpenText’s five clouds—Content Cloud, Business Network Cloud, Experience Cloud, Security & Protection Cloud and Developer Cloud. New features and a visionary product roadmap will illuminate how companies can accelerate their digital journeys.

I can’t wait to hear from our three amazing guest speakers: Founder & CEO of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington, astrophysicist and host of COSMOS and StarTalk, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, and #1 New York Times best-selling author and former monk, Jay Shetty.

Arianna will share how leaders can ensure businesses succeed by prioritizing employee well-being as we enter the uncertainties of a post-pandemic era. Neil will chat with me about how we can approach the world with more curiosity and adopt more rigorous ways of thinking to drive innovation. And Jay will reveal how each of us can overcome roadblocks to reach our personal potential and power, and live a life with purpose. As we move towards 2022, we are all seeking new ways to find balance, wellness and happiness, and these speakers each have their own unique, inspiring perspective on the journey.

Throughout the conference, you will also listen in on my conversations with top business leaders and CIOs at L’Oréal, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and other organizations. These leaders will share their stories about how technology is enabling them to be more agile and imaginative, and ensure innovation thrives.

I invite you to register now to secure your spot at OpenText World. Click below to watch my personal video invitation.

It is an exciting time to be digital. To go all in. And to do it at scale. We can’t wait to show you how.

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Mark J. Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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