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OpenText Business Network Release 16 EP5 soars to new heights

Your business network is complex - simplifying business network complexity is our expertise

Your business network is complex – it’s an extensive ecosystem that extends beyond your four walls to business partners, suppliers, customers, banks and more. Mastering the art of business-to-business (B2B) process excellence can be challenging, but with the right digital platform that ensures optimal operations and speed to revenue, your digital business ecosystem becomes your competitive advantage.

OpenText™ Business Network and OpenText™ Release 16 have once again soared to new heights! With the OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) release, we’ve introduced innovative capabilities that propel your organization beyond digital to connected and intelligent business ecosystems. With multiple solutions that simplify the inherent complexities of B2B data exchange, EP5 delivers new tools, integrations, and capabilities; connecting people, systems and things to optimize business processes.

Let’s go on an EP5 journey and learn how our latest release powers your connected and intelligent business network.

Usability, modernization and reach

Expanded self-service
Expanded self-service provides improved experience and control with self-service capabilities for customers and their trading partners wishing to self-provision their connections and integrations to OpenText™ Trading Grid™ and Active Applications.

A new self-validation web portal for Email2EDI and Fax2EDI enables users to view, validate and edit documents in the system for improved order entry quality and speed.

Reach more trading partners
Increase visibility and improve trading partner collaboration with a single source of information with OpenText™ Core™ for Trading Grid™, enabling basic file exchange via a simple, intuitive folder-based application.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service can now simplify and expand connectivity to trading partners by outsourcing SFTP direct connections.

Integrated fax capture, archive, SMS notifications
OpenText™ RightFax™ now has enhanced fax analytics capabilities including channel utilization, new dashboard visualizations and expanded access controls. New modules deliver integrated archiving, SMS notifications and capture for better compliance, engagement and process automation. A new fully-featured web client offers anytime, anywhere access. Customers will experience improved security with Secure FoIP channels to encrypt fax traffic with the firewall.

Process, compliance, analytics

Richer transaction insights
OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics is enhanced with even more predictive metrics, now including at-risk trading partner KPIs. Customers will experience improved usability with new dial metrics, quick-view metrics, a configurable dashboard and flexible filters. Also new to Trading Grid Analytics is a long-term transaction volume and trading partner trends dashboard for greater business insight.

Regional invoice compliance
EP5 delivers an expansion of new Italian legislation for electronic invoicing, which enables customers to comply with the January 1, 2019 government deadline.

Intelligent process orchestration
New configurable priority transaction processing in Trading Grid ensures that mission-critical and time-sensitive documents such as ASNs are prioritized, enabling customers to meet SLA commitments to their partners. SLA alerts are also available for transaction activity or inactivity.

Ensure that your connected and intelligent business network reaches beyond your enterprise, with the right tools, solutions and capabilities to speed time to revenue and increase customer satisfaction. How high can your business network soar?  Let OpenText Business Network show you.

To learn more about OpenText Business Network 16, visit our website.

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