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August 30, 20235 minute read

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Connecting people, systems, and things across business ecosystems is more important than ever. If data silos, untapped potential and information sprawl persist in your organization, you’re not alone.  We hear you – and are there to help. It’s time to increase operational efficiency and build resilience by removing information silos, automating key business processes, and empowering users with improved collaboration with business partners.  

At OpenText™ World 2023 in Las Vegas, we’re focusing on Business Network Cloud to help you make smarter connections by strategically tackling integration priorities with new technologies that are fit-for-purpose. With over 10 Business Network sessions led by integration experts, don’t miss your opportunity to learn about our new AI-led innovation Business Network Aviator, which accelerates document map creation with generative AI (LLM) that supports global EDI and B2B standards. Join us to learn all the ways you can proactively address risks and compliance, while improving operational efficiency within your supply chain and beyond.  

Here’s a snapshot of what else you can expect:  

Take off with Business Network at OpenText World

Companies continue to be impacted by supply chain disruptions which have driven the need to prioritize supply chain digitization and optimization projects. Accelerated investments in digital transformation and right-sized cloud solutions can pave the path toward business resiliency and strategic advantages with faster time-to-market, better supply chain visibility, future-proof integration capabilities, and high customer satisfaction and ecosystem collaboration.

Now is the time to strategically tackle integration priorities with new technologies that are fit-for-purpose. Join the experts to learn how your peers drive business value through collaboration, visibility and analytics. Plus, prepare for changes compelled by new legislation for invoicing and payment processes. 

  • Soak it all in! Network with integration, industry and electronic invoice compliance experts.   
  • Get into the weeds! Uncover all the ways to improve your supply chain and ERP modernization: through improved visibility, tight integrations, other silo-busting innovations. 
  • See it in action! See demos from new Business Network innovations, including Business Network Aviator, Active Access and Active Risk Monitor   

Be sure to catch these Business Network Aviator sessions: 

BN00 and Supply Chain Transformation: Move with greater speed, sustainability and visibility with OpenText Business Network Cloud and OpenText Aviator

Amid economic turbulence, tech investments soar, yet leaders crave ROI. Companies swim in data but thirst for insights. It’s time to unchain information, shatter data silos, and unleash untapped potential. This requires seamless ecosystem integration— with smarter connections. Join the OpenText Business Network keynote to learn about key trends in connecting business ecosystems and how your organization can be smarter with OpenText. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

BN06 Transforming supply chain visibility – 3 use cases for a supply chain command center  

Control tower, command center, cockpit… There are many names for solutions geared toward improving supply chain visibility and driving action based on events and insights. This session explores the possibilities for driving business value with enhanced visibility and decision-making support through three use cases for supply chain command centers while discussing OpenText’s solutions and innovation roadmap in this space. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

Connect with OpenText and customer experts 

Get your questions answered. We will be hosting several interactive and engaging sessions designed to help you get the information you need in the format you prefer: 

  • Learn how to apply the latest information management and AI trends from industry thought leaders, luminary guest speakers, and OpenText experts and start to work smarter right away. 
  • Set up a one-to-one meeting to dive into your unique use case or join one of the scheduled meet ups with other customers and OpenText designers, developers, marketers, and leaders. Discuss how to get more out of your investments and increase your information advantage. 
  • Meet with peers in your vertical to exchange successful strategies. Industry roundtables are specialized and interactive discussions in which industry experts present challenges, trends, and innovations in the sector. Customer and industry analyst speakers will also add their insights.  
  • Sign up for some hands-on labs: (choose one or all three) the Developer Lab, the Product Lab and the Innovation Lab, giving you the opportunity to check out the latest OpenText innovations—including OpenText Aviator solutions. 
  • Join our dynamic Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) to discuss business strategies and customer experiences, drive innovations that meet your unique needs in our Product Advisory Councils (PACs), and connect to learn about best practices and use cases in our User Groups.
  • Take advantage of being surrounded by people who go through the same challenges you do, and network, network, network!  

Join us at OpenText World 2023 

Explore the future of AI in Business Network at the ultimate information management conference. Join us October 11-12 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and connect with today’s leading experts.  

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Ville Parkkinen

Ville Parkkinen is a Director of Product Marketing for Business Network at OpenText. Working closely with OpenText’s Product Management, Engineering, Solution Consulting and Sales teams, Ville enjoys taking complex technical concepts and translating them into tangible business value in customer context. Solution areas that Ville focuses on include digitization and automation of supply chain processes including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay; electronic invoicing solutions; B2B/EDI integration; data visibility and analytics; and managed integration services.

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