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International Women’s Day – Be Bold for Change

Progress is the result of human action. The proof is in our history of innovation—from eradicating disease to exploring space to connecting the world with the Internet. Progress requires bold pioneers, inquisitive minds, and a thirst for change. And yet, despite all of the successes of the past, we have yet to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

The sobering reality is that women around the world still make significantly less than their male counterparts. This disparity is more pronounced in some countries than others—in Canada, for example, the gap is more than double the global average. While it is true that we’ve made some progress closing it, according to the World Economic Forum we won’t eliminate the gap entirely until 2186. This is not acceptable, and it is up to us to “be the change we want to see in the world.”

Throughout my career, I have seen the unequivocal and positive effects of a workforce made up of a mixture of generations, genders, cultures, and perspectives. I have long been an advocate on the direct relationship between diversity and innovation. In my opinion, the two are inseparable. Research shows that diversity drives innovation by providing a variety of perspectives. As a result, the more diverse a workforce, the more creative the organization. At OpenText, we recognize that gender is a key component of diversity and are committed to advancing equality and the representation of women in the workplace. As a global company, diversity is part of our DNA. Together, #WeAreOpenText.

Our numbers reflect this commitment. Women make up 30% of our workforce. But we refuse to grow complacent and rest on our laurels. While we maintain a higher-than-industry gender diversity average, we continually strive to improve our numbers and create opportunities for women.

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Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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