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How to beat the creative content crunch

Need to boost your digital media supply chain? Look no further

With the demand for creative content to support an ever-increasing volume of campaigns and programs on the rise, marketers turn to digital asset management (DAM) solutions to address their creative challenges. A DAM platform like OpenText™ Media Management helps marketers organize and store large volumes of digital media content. But to solve both halves of the “creative crunch” equation, marketers also need a solution to manage how their creative content is made.

Enter creative collaboration software like OpenText™ Hightail™. Designed to streamline the review and approval process (aka how creative content is made, the second half of that equation), Hightail allows teams to easily share, collaborate and approve large rich media files.

Combining the power of an industry-leading DAM solution like Media Management with a simple, intuitive tool like Hightail, marketers now have a robust solution to boost their team’s productivity and generate significant cost and resource savings across the digital content supply chain.

If this sounds like something your team needs, you’re in luck!  A Hightail integration is now available for Media Management, and we’re offering a free 60-day trial of the integration for Media Management customers.  To learn more, check out this on-demand demo webinar or contact us to kick off your free trial.

Not sure if your team needs a DAM and/or creative collaboration software? Read this American Marketing Association e-book to learn how you can use technology to #createbetter.


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