For Jaguar TCS Racing, success is…

Jaguar TCS Racing drivers Mitch Evans and Sam Bird gave us their take

How does one define success? Everyone has a different answer depending on the context.

Regarding hobbies, I look at success incrementally—little milestones making up a larger goal. I recently purchased a keyboard and have been teaching myself how to play. Every time I memorize a new note or chord, that’s a win for me. I’m no Elton John but I’m getting there.

Shake and Bake

How do Formula E drivers define success in motorsport? Jaguar TCS Racing drivers Mitch Evans and Sam Bird gave us their take.

When we asked Mitch what makes him thrive, he answered: “Winning, champagne, trophies, championships.” Can I get a glass of champagne?

Sam had an eerily similar answer when we asked what success meant to him. “Winning, trophies. Success means success.” Success means success. You couldn’t mince his words if you tried.

Jaguar TCS Racing has been a dominant force in Formula E and Evans and Bird have played an instrumental role in the team’s success. Together they form one of the strongest driver lineups in the series. They have proved it over the last few races with the pair securing two out of three podium positions in both Sau Paulo and Berlin. Evans had back-to-back 1st place finishes and Bird came in 3rd and 2nd respectively.

Rounds ten and eleven of the Formula E World Championship are taking place this weekend on June 3 and 4 in Jakarta. As the Official Technical Partner of Jaguar TCS Racing, we will be cheering on the entire team to secure even more points in Jakarta and continue to climb in the rankings.

Success in the Information Age

Like Jaguar TCS Racing, organizations must find new ways of harnessing information to help their teams work better and smarter. When you continuously apply information management to bring all data and content together, patterns and trends emerge. Insights are gleaned and better decisions are made. That is the information advantage.

To learn more about how Jaguar TCS Racing uses the power of information to give them an edge on the track, join us for our Virtual Garage Tour in Portland on June 22. This is your chance to get an exclusive look at what happens in the garage before race day. Register now to save your spot.

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