Five common myths about OpenText TeamSite explained

OpenText™ TeamSite™ has come a long way in recent years, but there are a few lingering myths about its capabilities.  Here are five of the…

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February 20, 20193 minute read

OpenText™ TeamSite™ has come a long way in recent years, but there are a few lingering myths about its capabilities.  Here are five of the most common myths we hear.

Myth #1: TeamSite is for websites only

Reality: TeamSite is a headless (and decoupled) Content Management System (CMS) which makes it ideal for any digital channel. The content is created and stored separately from where it is viewed. This means that you only have to create the content once and it can be published anywhere. TeamSite offers out-of-the box responsive design templates for publishing mobile websites along with hybrid mobile application support.

Myth #2: TeamSite is hard to use

Reality: With Experience Studio, TeamSite has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to work with. Not only is it organized in a very intuitive way with tile-based projects and pages, but you can get started easily with our templates, other HTML templates (like Foundation or Bootstrap), or even make your own. User-friendly features like on-the-glass (WYSIWG) editing and drag-and-drop form creation allows non-technical team members to work within TeamSite confidently.

If you run into issues, Experience Studio also includes step-by-step instructions in its Help area.

Experience Studio, TeamSite's user-friendly user interface.
Experience Studio, TeamSite’s user-friendly user interface.  If you’re using CC Pro, let’s set up a demo and we’ll show you how it works!

Myth #3: TeamSite can’t keep up with the modern marketer’s needs

Reality: TeamSite is uniquely designed to be future-proof. Think of it as the ideal foundation which you can build upon, renovate and expand over time. TeamSite includes the key functionality a marketer needs, including built-in analytics, integrated multivariate and A/B testing, campaign management support, and easy development of mobile and landing page campaign solutions.  All of this allows easy collaboration with creative services teams and agencies.

Myth #4: TeamSite is only for Java developers

Reality: TeamSite is technology agnostic, meaning you’re not limited to a certain developer language.  In fact, whether you use Java, .NET, PHP, Angular, React or any other language, your skills will work well.  This opens up a world of possibilities when hiring top talent to help your organization excel.

Myth #5: An end-to-end Content Management System is better than TeamSite

Reality: Although OpenText offers an end-to-end experience solution, TeamSite gives you the freedom to work with the software of your choice. This means that if your organization has already invested in best-of-breed software, or if a start-up comes up with an incredible tool, you can rest assured it will integrate with TeamSite. This helps make for a seamless transition and cuts the cost of training your employees on new software.

Given the importance of a continuous, connected customer experience, OpenText offers the OpenText™ Experience Suite which includes best-of-breed software like OpenText Exstream™ for Customer Communications Management (CCM), OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) for Digital Asset Management and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about TeamSite or would like to request a product demonstration, please contact us or visit our website. To learn more, read my top 10 reasons to take a look at OpenText TeamSite or read my recent blog on how OpenText has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

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