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Customer experiences are the sum of multiple interactions across various journeys. They become harder to optimize as customers choose their own unique paths to action,…

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November 12, 20195 minute read

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Customer experiences are the sum of multiple interactions across various journeys. They become harder to optimize as customers choose their own unique paths to action, with unprecedented power in their hands brought by technology. To meet customers’ expectations in terms of immediacy, personalization and convenience, marketers and line of business managers need solutions that augment their system of record capabilities (CRM, ERP, etc.) to empower users to create, individualize and deliver data-driven omnichannel experiences at scale.

OpenText™ is announcing OpenText™ Core Experience Insights, a new solution to capture experience data, visualize the customer journey and identify and act on ways to optimize the experience. We’ve added new capabilities to OpenText™ Exstream™ (Customer Communication Management), OpenText™ Explore (Voice of the Customer), OpenText™ Qfiniti (call center management), OpenText™ TeamSite™ (Web Content Management) and OpenText™ Media Management, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help digital experience teams increase productivity and foster individualization. We are also bringing additional integration capabilities with business ecosystems and new connectors to Salesforce in Exstream and Media Management.

360-degree view of the customer with OpenText Core Experience Insights

Customer journey insights are vital to understanding and designing relevant customer experiences. Core Experience Insights is a cloud-based SaaS solution that collects data from customer touchpoints, interactions and other sources. Customer data, events and behaviors are analyzed detecting customer profiles, behaviors and patterns from customer journey interactions.

Core Experience Insights allows users to:

  • Capture and aggregate customer event data from any application and source
  • Capture any type of experience data with a flexible schema
  • Visualize customer journey events through dashboards
  • Compare stats and marketing KPIs with near real-time dashboards

To learn more about the new OpenText Saas solution, visit the Core Experience Insights webpage.

Extended integrations and intelligence capabilities for OpenText Media Management

Marketers are faced with multiple projects that involve many stakeholders and an increasing volume of assets. In the latest version, Media Management offers intelligent cropping features and new integration capabilities that simplify collaboration and asset access and distribution.

Improvements include:

  • Smart compose for intelligently and dynamically cropping assets for channel use
  • New connectors to Brightcove (video platform) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (direct access to assets in Media Management)
  • Media Management Jobs and Hightail connection: Marketing collaboration simplification
  • New pluggable architecture for the Rich Media Analysis service

See how Media Management makes it easier for organizations to manage and share their rich media digital assets at scale.

Digital experiences delivered fast with OpenText TeamSite

Digital experience designers deal with increasing complexity as they address customers with an infinite number of journeys, habits, channels, etc. Now TeamSite simplifies translation processes and offers new AI-driven capabilities that allow experience authors and managers to be more accurate and creative.

TeamSite allows users to:

  • Connect directly with Google Translate for batch and real-time translations
  • Refine content search results with expanded AI-driven metadata
  • Target winning audiences from Optimost in TeamSite
  • Integrate with Core Experience Insights and Content Server

To learn more about making the digital experience creation easier, faster and more powerful visit the TeamSite webpage.

Sophisticated authoring and mobile design with OpenText Exstream

Business users need to create and deliver communications that match customers’ expectations in a timely manner. Exstream 16.6 now integrates with, extending business users’ reach with new authoring features and enhanced capabilities for mobile applications.

Enhancements include:

  • Mobile design: Optimize communication design for mobile and desktop applications
  • New content authoring tools for business users: Visual compare and revision tracking
  • Generate business communications, including interactive documents, from within

To learn how you can speed your communication processes and generate meaningful conversations, visit the Exstream website.

Get better customer insights with OpenText Explore and Qfiniti

Collecting and analyzing what customers say, in call centers and through a broad range of channels like social media and chatbots allows users to identify, visualize and understand issues and risks faster for better decision making.

Qfiniti and Explore, our Voice of the Customer solutions, bring new capabilities that include:

  • Enhanced Media Player with analytics tool bar for quick access to transcripts, AutoScore and Desktop Analytics
  • Analytics enhancements: Summarization and sentiment by speaker for precision analysis
  • Harmonized playback mode: Synchronizes transcript to recording, aiding user review
  • Qfiniti interactive dashboard displays AutoScore data in Qfiniti Observe, based on Magellan Business Inteligence and Reporting

To discover how we can support your customer experience insights strategy, visit the Explore website.

Intelligent form automation with OpenText LiquidOffice

Collect and automatically process customer data with web and pdf forms. Adopt a single approach to processing customer requests and customer data for any touchpoint – paper-based or digital – across the customer journey.

LiquidOffice brings the following innovations:

  • HTML Import for fast migration and improved support for external form processing
  • New RESTful Web Service Task in Studio for easier integration with REST APIs in other applications
  • Improved user experience: JavaScript barcode control for dynamic display of barcodes without applets

To learn more about Intelligent Form Automation visit the LiquidOffice website.

Learn more about how OpenText™ Experience Release 16 EP7 makes it easier to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Customers who have Professional Services-led upgrades report 75% fewer queries to Customer Support. Let our experts work with you to assess the current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other company’s clouds or in a hybrid environment.

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