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Release 16 EP5 expands OpenText Captiva’s role in process automation

Improve the velocity and security of driving content into core processes

In today’s inter-connected, multi-cloud, IT environment, data security is a primary concern for all organizations. This is particularly true for content or metadata that needs to be shared across multiple line-of-business systems. For many of our customers, OpenText™ Captiva is a key element of core business processes, and an ongoing shift to a cloud-based infrastructure to support these processes is a focus of the latest product enhancements.

With OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), Captiva is designed to allow organizations to continue safely capturing content and feeding it directly into their line of business systems or content repositories – while staying on-premise with their Captiva deployment or moving Captiva to the cloud.

The goal of Captiva 16.5 is meeting our customers where they want to be. We have enhanced application and data security across all deployment methods – on-premises or in the cloud – to ensure that even the most sensitive content can be captured and integrated into the appropriate system of record, whether that is a content repository, an ERP system or an sector-specific system like EHR. The latest enhancements make it easier to feed data to these core systems while still taking advantage of the industry-leading features like “CaptureFlow” workflow.

New administrative tools

To support these additional deployment types, we have expanded and improved administrative tools to better manage server resources and peak loads. The combination of additional security and expanded administrative tools vastly expand the deployment options for Captiva.

Captiva integrates with OpenText Content Server

A key aspect of a multi-cloud environment is the ability to connect to other systems via APIs. And an important introduction in Captiva 16.5 is a direct connector to OpenText™ Content Server, giving our customers with more options to build out their enterprise information management platform.

Expanded APIs for more connections

For organizations not utilizing OpenText™ Documentum ™ or Content Server, Captiva 16.5 features expanded APIs—ensuring all other options and back-end systems have enhanced connectors and continue to enjoy robust process support.

To recap, the new release of OpenText Captiva 16.5 features:

  • Enhanced application and data security to support wider deployment options
  • Expanded service deployment options to optimize resource utilization and peak load responsiveness
  • Direct connector for OpenText Content Server
  • Expanded APIs for multiple back-end deployments

Learn more

A new whitepaper detailing how to deploy Captiva to Azure.  For more details on the release, please see the Captiva 16.5 SlideShare. For OpenText customers looking for enhanced reporting and administrative dashboards, we now offer custom Captiva templates for OpenText™ Information Hub. Check your My Support account to see which templates are right for you.

[slideshare id=123123838&doc=opentextcaptivacapture-ep5highlights-181115185530]

Jim Hayes

Jim works in Capture Product Marketing for Enterprise Content Management at OpenText. He has 25 years of experience in the capture and information management markets, working for 12 years in Europe as country manager for Germany and then as Director of Business Development for EMEA. He has held several leadership roles in sales and marketing and is now based in the Bay Area.

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