What’s new in Release 16 EP5 for InfoArchive

The latest release of OpenText™ InfoArchive – part of the recently announced OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) – is now available and provides improved…

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November 29, 20183 minute read

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The latest release of OpenText™ InfoArchive – part of the recently announced OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) – is now available and provides improved integration and compliance features for a more unified archiving experience.

InfoArchive is an integral part of the OpenText archiving solution, providing an end-to-end platform for archiving non-SAP applications and decommissioning applications (including SAP). With this release, we’ve delivered integrations to OpenText™ Archive Center to allow unified storage management. We’ve also added integrations with OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Extended ECM user interfaces to provide seamless access for active and archived content from a single user interface.

What’s new in EP5?

Unified Archive Platform: OpenText Archive Center as abstract storage destination for InfoArchive

New for EP5, InfoArchive is now integrated with Archive Center as part of a Unified Archiving strategy. It enables customers to leverage the Archive Center as a central storage layer and permits InfoArchive to utilize any existing physical storage underneath Archive Center.

Archive Center customers can now reap the benefits of InfoArchive to decommission or active-archive enterprise applications (non-SAP®) without adding the additional cost or overhead of new storage.

InfoArchive/Archive Center Integration Unified Archive Strategy

Expanded integrations with new connectors: Compliant File Share and Active Archiving

In EP5, InfoArchive introduces new integrations with OpenText™ File Intelligence and OpenText™ ContentBridge. This includes:

  • Compliant File Share Archiving: OpenText File Intelligence (OTFI) Connector for InfoArchive enables organizations to effectively manage information according to business value and risk, and to respond rapidly and accurately to regulatory and investigatory requirements. Organizations can quickly gain visibility and control over their unmanaged content by automatically searching, processing, preserving, analyzing and reviewing terabytes of unstructured data from information sources across the organization.
  • Active Archiving and Long-Term Preservation for OpenText™ Content Suite Platform 16.5 (CSP) and OpenText™ Extended ECM: This new Content Bridge connector for InfoArchive allows the business user to extract content from CSP/Extended ECM and load this content into InfoArchive.

360-Degree View: Smart UI Widget for CSP/Extended ECM

The InfoArchive Smart UI widget provides seamless access to active and archived content from a single user interface. Business users can now display contextual 360-degree views on workspace data that is active in OpenText Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM, as well as legacy and static data that has been moved to InfoArchive.

User Interface Capabilities

InfoArchive is built using JavaScript, Java and the Spring framework. Public REST APIs are available for developers to build custom capabilities that integrate with other enterprise systems.

The EP5 release empowers developers with several useful enhancements in the search composition process, ultimately leading to improved end-user experience and productivity:


Search Run-time Enhancements:

  • Flexibility to cancel a long-running search
  • Reinitialize search form
  • Always-available UI affordance to navigate through a large result set e.g. column header, number of items on the page, page navigation
Search Composition Enhancements:

  • Accelerated development
  • Comprehensive nested search coverage
  • Migration support for legacy search templates.

Learn more about InfoArchive by visiting our Enterprise Information Archiving pages.

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