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A regulatory and compliance must-have solution

Essentially, all organizations need to find and manage content for information governance or regulatory compliance and also for internal or regulatory investigations. Responding in a quick and cost-effective manner is directly related to how effectively an organization can identify, collect, analyze and act on all relevant information.

Since most business communications and activities take place electronically and the volume of electronically content is growing exponentially, content exists in a wide and ever-expanding variety of disparate systems and locations across the enterprise.

Many of these sources are unmanaged, unorganized and continually changing. As a result, identifying, analyzing and acting on content that is relevant to responding to a regulatory request or investigation can be an extremely time consuming and costly endeavor.

Compound this information management challenge with the standards set forth by various global legal and regulatory bodies, e.g. the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), U.K. Bribery Act, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Jackson Reforms, etc., and it becomes apparent that, now more than ever, corporate legal and IT teams need an integrated solution supported by industry best practices to address this information management and governance challenge.

OpenText™ File Intelligence enables organizations to effectively manage information according to business value and risk and to respond rapidly and accurately to regulatory and investigatory requirements—while also controlling costs and reducing overall risk and exposure. File Intelligence is a fast-to-deploy product that integrates all aspects of data discovery and investigation processes to enable an automated content discovery, analysis and control process that is forensically-sound, complete, accurate, and defensible. This is especially important for enterprises that are preparing to meet the information management and request demands of the GDPR.

With OpenText File Intelligence, organizations can quickly gain visibility and control over their unmanaged content by automatically searching, processing, preserving, analyzing, and reviewing terabytes of unstructured data from information sources across the organization. File Intelligence also provides ongoing value by supporting corporate information management practices, reducing the operational costs and risk associated with today’s information governance challenges. This allows the organization to manage its information based on value and risk, and apply retention policies and governance compliance mandates—keeping what it needs to keep for as long as it needs to be kept, and disposing of what it does not need once all legal and regulatory obligations have been met.

File Intelligence provides enterprises with an automated and proactive solution to identify, analyse and act on unmanaged unstructured data, supporting information management practices in turn reducing downstream regulatory and information governance costs.

To learn more about GDPR you can download our AIIM e-book.


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