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Introducing OpenText Capture Center 16.4

Capture anywhere, anytime

OpenText Capture Center (OCC) is a feature-rich capture system that provides robust document classification and data extraction. OCC has both the flexibility to handle structured (e.g. invoices) or unstructured (e.g. correspondence, contracts) documents and transfer them in a logical and consistent manner. This flexibility can be deployed in a highly scalable manner for capturing single documents or large batch files. OCC release 16.4 further plays on the strengths that have made it the popular choice for a variety of use cases.

As OCC continues to evolve to meet customer needs, there are four areas that stand out in this new release:

Capture anywhere: As capture moves from kiosks to any end-point in the enterprise, the tool of choice has become a web client for capture. OCC 16.4 has enhanced the web client with additional data validation tools for direct import of tables and connecting incoming data to existing information via look-up tables. These enhancements to the web client, along with an improved user interface, extend the usefulness of the web client as the preferred capture tool.

Additionally, OCC 16.4 has enhanced mobile capabilities to allow users to choose an OCC profile when capturing images via the enterprise scan client.

Automated and efficient: In order to facilitate capture anywhere, we have enhanced the automated recognition of document classification. Classification is the process of identifying of what type of document is being captured and extracting the useful data for the process(es) based on document type.

Integrated and scalable: Increased automation and efficient document handling go hand-in-hand with the expanded API support and increased document and data relationships that can be supported in the OpenText Process Suite connector.

Centralized administration: As part of the expansion of capabilities for OCC users, there is a long list of administrative improvements for managing user permissions and system settings. These include:

  • Enhanced user logging and roll-back points in changes in permissions to prevent loss of authorizations and ensure user productivity
  • Enhanced batch management of documents including batch splitting to speed up validation processes
  • Enhanced visualization of cluster deployment and a beta feature that allows multiple CPUs to be automatically used to speed up the processing of large batches

Capture has shifted from a tool to extract and organize data from scanned documents into a robust system that provides logical organization and efficiency. The new release of Capture Center 16.4 provides a feature-rich, simple to use system that can be deployed in multiple ways—including Azure and the OpenText Cloud—to ensure you have the platform that meets your needs.

Interested in learning more? For information on what’s new in OCC please check out the What’s new in Capture slideshare. For more information on OCC, please see our Capture Center page.

Jim Hayes

Jim works in Capture Product Marketing for Enterprise Content Management at OpenText. He has 25 years of experience in the capture and information management markets, working for 12 years in Europe as country manager for Germany and then as Director of Business Development for EMEA. He has held several leadership roles in sales and marketing and is now based in the Bay Area.

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