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3 ways to extend Salesforce for a true omnichannel customer experience

Customers are empowered by voices, choices, and devices. They want what they want, where they want it and when they want it. With so many choices, customer experience is the differentiator. Exceptional experience brings loyalty and advocacy but bad experiences will spread virally on social channels.

Recently Jens Ophalvens, Director, OpenText Center of Excellence at Deloitte and Guy Hellier, VP of Product Management at OpenText joined Document Strategy to talk about the challenges of successfully deploying a Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform.

They made three recommendations for your omnichannel customer experience strategy: adopt an omnichannel CCM platform, link CCM to data systems of record, and evolve to an insight-based experience platform. Listen below for more information on their recommendations.

Recommendation #1: Adopt an omnichannel CCM Platform

Recommendation #2: Link CCM to Data Systems of Record

Recommendation #3: Evolve to an Insight-based Experience platform

Take a look at the real life customer stories and use cases and catch up with the full webinar here.

Robin Carder

Working in the ecosystem team at OpenText I am passionate about connecting with Salesforce and customers so that everyone wins. I've spent over 15 years consulting with OpenText customers on projects and post deployment options so my blogs will be down to earth! You can expect to read news on shared events, great customer stories and my view on how to make great friends with OpenText and Salesforce.

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