What’s new in OpenText eDOCS Release 16 EP7

Enhancements drive speed and personalization

With competing priorities and limitless volumes of information to manage by the minute, knowledge workers, including lawyers, require the support of the most personally empowering and compliant working environments. Yet, despite a myriad of business applications, devices and technology designed to propel employee productivity, many legal professionals are not able to quickly and easily access their sensitive legal information when they need it most—work product, case and client information, intellectual property, regulatory filings, and more.

OpenText™ eDOCS Release 16.7 accelerates users’ abilities to find and manage their information—dramatically improving productivity with new features that include maximizing working environments “on the go” and AI-powered advanced find.

Work faster – find relevant information quickly with AI-powered search

OpenText™ Release 16 EP7 adds advanced find to eDOCS with OpenText™ MindServer™, an AI-powered search engine that provides quick and automatic search models to find the most relevant information available, including related matters and authors. MindServer securely crawls and indexes information from inside eDOCS, saving legal teams valuable time while gaining more complete case, project and client knowledge. Other productivity accelerating benefits include:

  • Save and share searches for fast access to the most current and priority projects, eliminating search set-up duplications
  • Quickly find information while working inside favorite Microsoft Office applications
  • Access MindServer from inside the eDOCS InfoCenter UI and seamlessly across devices for a consistently powerful experience
Work faster with OpenText MindServer
With OpenText™ MindServer™, users save time with conceptual search models to quickly surface relevant information without knowing precise keywords.

Work faster, conveniently, with new InfoCenter for Microsoft Office add-in

With EP7, InfoCenter, the modern and redesigned user experience introduced in 16.2, now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office business applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The new personalization capabilities increase productivity by allowing users to remain inside their favorite Microsoft authoring application while managing content from eDOCS–with just a single click.

Work faster with eDOCS side panel inserted into Microsoft Office applications
With OpenText™ Release 16 EP7 eDOCS provides a full-client, eDOCS side panel insert into MS Office applications letting users “work the way they want to”, side-by-side with both their work product and eDOCS.

Work confidently relying on seamless web access across devices

Collaborate, share, and manage legal content – confidently and from any browser on any device. The new eDOCS 16.7 InfoCenter for Web provides end users with the same functionality offered in the InfoCenter desktop application. Users benefit from:

  • Quickly creating customized work dashboards
  • Arranging prioritized project tiles in the UI easily without coding
  • Enjoying flexible working environments across devices.

With InfoCenter, organizations can increase user adoption and compliant practices across the organization—and across users’ devices–with the use of this intuitive and easy to use web-based interface.

Work faster with eDOCS InfoCenter UI across devices.
Whether accessed on or off the cloud, mobile, desktop, web or from within Microsoft work products, eDOCS InfoCenter 16.7 delivers customizable visual tiles, a light footprint, and a modern experience as a standalone app while supporting the Office experience.

With OpenText™ Release 16 EP7, eDOCS advances work environments that are highly flexible and customizable with innovations designed to work the way you need to.

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Kati Bujna

As the Product Marketing Manager for OpenText eDOCS and Decisiv, Kati supports eDOCS, a document and records management solution and Decisiv, an AI-powered, enterprise search solution, for legal, government, professional services industries inclusive of those with high touch, high value work product. She is responsible for global product and solution messaging and its implementation through all internal and external channels of communication. Kati brings over 15 years of experience within the Information Management industry, at OpenText and other technology companies. She is passionate about helping customers learn and benefit from product innovations for business. Connect at, via LinkedIn, the ILTA community, or at any upcoming OpenText digital user conference!

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