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Transforming customer experience with OpenText and Salesforce

OpenText capabilities for Salesforce® take a giant step forward with EP6

The summer of 2019 sees our product relationship with Salesforce® take a giant step forward. We are strengthening our OpenText™ solutions for customer experience to align them precisely to the platforms provided by our friends from Salesforce! The end game: we all want to make sure our customers can delight and surprise their end customers through personalized experiences.

OpenText™ Exstream™ for Salesforce

Many customers already enjoy the benefits of our Exstream for Salesforce app, generating many thousands of documents daily through our stand-alone SaaS solution. However, until now, customers of the OpenText Exstream platform couldn’t utilize the power of that platform in a Salesforce context. EP6 sees that change and customers can now use the Exstream for Salesforce® app (available on the AppExchange) to utilize and maximize existing Exstream components deployed locally.

What does this really mean?

Users of Sales and Service cloud, the industry-leading CRM platform from Salesforce can now configure their system to generate customer-facing documents on an ad-hoc basis, without leaving the Salesforce interface. A simple click of a button within an object can merge CRM object data into an Exstream Template, and using Communication Server the generated content (PDF, Email, etc) can be stored back into the Salesforce object.

Very simple, but why buy into niche app solutions when you already run the industry’s best creation tool? Why create two templates when you could share one?

OpenText™ Media Management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

When using OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) as a corporate Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool our customers are already confident that their assets are governed, approved and rendered to their exact needs. But making use of those assets from within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud® platform was inconvenient. The release of a Connector this summer allows the two platforms to work seamlessly together.

What does this really mean?

Users of Marketing Cloud®, the marketing and campaign automation platform from Salesforce can now ensure when they are building campaigns they are building around the correct corporate assets. Once the platforms are connected, all users of Marketing Cloud can browse to OTMM to select or search for the approved asset for use in their campaign. Using references we can monitor for when the asset gets updated centrally and update the outgoing campaign automatically. Ensuring campaigns and communications can now be put together with speed and confidence.

Learn more:

Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Experience solutions here, and read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here.

Learn more by visiting our website or contact with any questions or to get a demo.


Robin Carder

Working in the ecosystem team at OpenText I am passionate about connecting with Salesforce and customers so that everyone wins. I've spent over 15 years consulting with OpenText customers on projects and post deployment options so my blogs will be down to earth! You can expect to read news on shared events, great customer stories and my view on how to make great friends with OpenText and Salesforce.

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