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Three ways to simplify your digital content supply chain

OpenText Media Management & Hightail integration

Sharing and collaborating on large media files, especially with partners and clients outside your organization, can be a challenge for anyone involved in the provisioning of digital content. Whether it’s ensuring external parties have the proper credentials to access digital assets, dealing with confusing user interfaces or complicated workflows, there are always hoops to jump through. That’s why we recently released the new OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) and OpenText™ Hightail™ integration to streamline content collaboration and communication.

If you’ve started our new 60-day trial of the Hightail integration with OpenText Media Management, here are three ways to get started for a more simplified digital content supply chain.

Share your content

The collaboration process starts with sharing content. To get started using the Hightail trial for OTMM, start by selecting the files you want to share, and clicking on the “Share with Hightail” button.

Media Management content collaboration

When sending files with Hightail there are several security options you can choose from. Here are some key definitions to help:

  • The file expiration option allows you to choose exactly how long the files are available for download for your recipient. Once the files expire, they will no longer be available for download.
  • When you set an access code, you can provide an extra layer of security on all file sends. It’s important to note that when you use password protection Hightail does not provide the password to your recipient in any way. You would be responsible for communicating that directly to your recipient through email, messaging apps, etc.
  • For an added layer of security, you can select the “Verify Recipient Identity” option to ensure that only your intended recipient is able to download the files. This requires that they log in to a Hightail account under the email address you sent the files to in order to download. Keep in mind this does require that they are a registered Hightail user, however they can sign up for a free Lite account if they just want to receive your files. If you do not select “Verify Recipient Identity,” then your recipient will be able to download the files you’ve shared without needing a Hightail account.

Last, we know it’s important to keep track of the content you’ve shared. If you want to see a log or history of all the files you’ve sent, log in to your new Hightail account directly on our website. There you’ll be able to find what is the equivalent of your Hightail File Transfers, complete with full details on all your file sending history.

Get the stamp of approval

When content is in the final stages of development and it’s time to route for approval, we have an easy way to collect approvals with a few simple clicks.

Media Management content collaboration

In OpenText Media Management, select the “Approve with Hightail” option to directly send assets for approval. You will be prompted to fill in your approvers’ email addresses – this can be sent to anyone whether they are internal or external, and they do not need to have an OTMM account. They will, however, be prompted to sign up for a free Hightail account in order to approve the content. In addition to assigning the approval request, you again have the option to set an access code to further protect your content.

All requested approvers will receive an email notification right away that content is awaiting their review for approval, and likewise, as soon as their approval is provided you will be notified via email. If they have additional feedback to share beyond just their approval, they can do so via Hightail’s contextual commenting and feedback features.

Show and tell

Your 60-day trial also gives you full access to collaboration features within the Hightail web application. You can login to Hightail to create a Space for collaborating on digital content with multiple reviewers.

When you create a Space and upload your digital content in Hightail, we’ll preview and stream the files automatically. Your reviewers can also leave precise comments on the visual preview, which become collated as more feedback is collected.

Media Management content collaboration

Leaving feedback can be as easy as drawing a box over the region of the creative preview that they’d like to comment on. You’ll then be able to see who left comments and which part of the asset is being referenced. This eliminates the need to collect back and forth feedback on visual content through various channels such as email, messaging apps, project management discussion threads or meetings – it’s all in one place, and relevant to the creative asset. You respond to feedback directly in Hightail, and keep an audit trail of communication that leads to the next round. You can even assign follow-ups, compare versions and manage team to-dos in Hightail.

With an easy way to securely deliver large files and collaborate both inside and outside your organization, the OpenText Media Management and Hightail integration will quickly help your organization to streamline content development.

You can learn more about Hightail by visiting our website.

Kurt Dodge

Kurt Dodge is a Senior Customer Success Manager for OpenText Hightail. For the past six years, Kurt has worked to onboard hundreds of customers to Hightail so they can better collaborate within their organizations.

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