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Announcing OpenText Cloud Editions 22.1

Digital empowerment for the modern world

The last two years have forced companies and organizations of all sizes to reassess their processes and operational methods and to change their mindset about how best to operate as a business. For OpenText, that has meant doubling down on the product innovations that allow people to reimage how and where they work, how goods are shipped, how data is secured, and how commerce is conducted.

Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 22.1, with innovations across our entire portfolio of information management solutions. The innovation in CE 22.1 provides customers with the ability to increase security and reduce risk, optimize supply chains and partner/supply relationships, improve productivity and streamline work, and enable the delivery of personalized customer experiences at scale.

OpenText Content Cloud

The growth of a remote, hybrid workforce has increased the need for easy and secure collaboration to execute business processes and transactions. Without effective digital collaboration, companies face significant productivity issues.

The ability to sign documents as part of a digital workflow is an essential capability for most businesses as face-to-face meetings continue to be the exception. With CE 22.1 OpenText Core Signature is now tightly integrated with OpenText Core Content along with Extended ECM, Core Share, and Documentum to become the most comprehensive e-signature application for OpenText customers and products.

Content Cloud CE 22.1 includes several innovations that help organizations – and their employees – navigate the increasingly complex work of collaboration in a hybrid world. In OpenText Core Share on mobile devices, we now give remote workers the ability to access and collaborate on documents stored in Microsoft 365, and to save changes in real-time to keep one version of the truth. A feature that will be very popular with customers is the synchronization of content between Microsoft Teams and Extended ECM. Synchronization will not only eliminate Teams as a data silo but will also allow Extended ECM users to multi-person edit documents with Microsoft desktop applications.

Get more information on the new features in OpenText Core Content and other Content Cloud CE 22.1 enhancements.

OpenText Business Network Cloud

Integrating external parties into business processes can be high-cost and high-risk. Trading partners, suppliers, and vendors require access to critical enterprise information, but manual onboarding processes, hands-on user administration, and poor user experiences can affect the efficacy of partner collaboration and create security holes.

In CE 22.1 we are introducing the OpenText Supplier Portal. This new service will empower customers to set up secure business ecosystems across internal and external users and take maximum advantage of the new networked economy. By leveraging OpenText Identity and Access Management, the OpenText Supplier Portal ensures users have secure and seamless access to enterprise resources and business applications through one common portal environment. Companies avoid costs associated with securing access for thousands of users, allowing an ecosystem to scale quickly without adding internal resources. With a centralized portal and delegated administration, customers improve the user experience, accelerate onboarding and significantly reduce security risk.

See more information on the OpenText Business Network Cloud CE 22.1 enhancements here.

OpenText Experience Cloud

For many consumers, mobile apps are the first – and main – point of contact with brands, retailers, and other organizations, with customers demanding in-app updates, offers, and notifications. For organizations that means delivering personalized, meaningful, and timely messages based on customer preferences.

With Experience Cloud 22.1, this requirement for in-app communications to be immediate, bidirectional, and omnichannel is being addressed through enhancements to OpenText Notifications. These enhancements enable mobile push notification capabilities for iOS and Android, simplifying how marketers can communicate with customers across multiple channels (including SMS, email, fax, voice, and web) from a single platform.

Additional CE 22.1 enhancements in OpenText Media Management, OpenText Core Experience Insights, and OpenText Optimost will help businesses deliver ever-more relevant content to customers by tracking custom performance variables such as sales and revenue. Connecting content to business outcome data will add deeper visibility to the role of content in customer interactions, empower smarter content experimentation, and help marketing organizations make more informed business decisions.

See more on the new features in OpenText Experience Cloud CE 22.1 here.

OpenText Security & Protection Cloud

Since CE 21.4, OpenText has acquired two leading security companies – Zix and Britaca – and I’d like to welcome the employees, partners, and customers of Zix and Bricata to the OpenText family.

Our acquisition of Zix creates a powerhouse SMB platform with 23,000 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) servicing SMBs globally through MSP direct sales and channel partners. Through this acquisition, as one of only nine North American Microsoft Managed Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs), and one of twenty CSPs in Europe, OpenText will support and transition existing and new Microsoft 365 (M365) customers to Microsoft’s New Customer Experience (NCE).

The addition of the Zix product portfolio enhances OpenText’s Carbonite and Webroot offerings and strengthens our position as a market leader in cyber resilience. From email and endpoint security to data back-up, restoration and recovery capabilities, managed detection & response, and BrightCloud’s threat intelligence, we now single-handedly offer the layers of defense required by our customers to ensure business continuity in the face of ever-increasing cyber threats.

Our security offering has also expanded with the advanced network detection and response capabilities from the Bricata acquisition which gives our customers 360-degree visibility into security threats, while preventing security teams from being buried in false positives alerts, and providing a single, platform to efficiently and effectively protect enterprise network environments in real-time. With Bricata NDR coupled with Encase Security EDR can now provide comprehensive protection for our Enterprise customers.

More information on the new features in OpenText Security and Protection Cloud CE 22.1 can be found here.

OpenText Developer Cloud

The pressure on developers to complete projects within tight deadlines, while still delivering the highest quality applications that form the backbone of an organization’s business, has never been higher. Application development is critical to business success, and having the right tools and support is the foundation to success.

The Developer Cloud includes a number of enterprise-grade services that enable developers to build custom solutions, connect to OpenText products, and extend existing investments. Information capture, workflow, content storage services, and more are available today for a free trial and paid production.

In CE 22.1 we are adding an updated user experience that gets developers to their content faster, new API services, and learning support. In addition, the Developer Cloud will also include new documentation for the OpenText Core Content API and OpenText Risk Guard service.

More information on OpenText Developer Cloud CE 22.1 enhancements can be found here.

As always, I am immensely proud of the innovation we deliver every 90 days to our customers. OpenText Cloud Editions 22.1 builds on earlier releases to help our customers to transform their organizations, to be stronger, more secure, and more resilient.

Muhi Majzoub

Muhi S. Majzoub is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. Joining the company in 2012, Muhi has held various senior executive positions. He currently leads the development organization to define the vision and strategy for OpenText products and their transition to the cloud. Prior to OpenText, Muhi was Chief of Products for NorthgateArinso, where he was responsible for defining the company's product vision, strategy and the development life cycle. He focused on consolidating the late software portfolio and developing new product capabilities for both cloud and on-premises solutions. Muhi has also held the position of Senior Vice President of Product Development for CA, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the common technology platform and components and integration strategy. Prior to CA, Muhi was Vice President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. During his tenure at Oracle, he was responsible for the delivery of the Sales Automation Suite, including Sales Online TeleSales, Sales Compensation, Sales Intelligence and many other Internet technology projects, such as Oracle Store, Oracle.com and the MetaLink TAR system. Muhi attended San Francisco State University.

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