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The Future of Information: OpenText Release 16 – The Most Comprehensive Digital Platform

We’re in the midst of a Digital Revolution and for every company it is digital or die. To succeed, organizations must embrace digital transformation or risk being disintermediated. Success will depend on an ability to embrace extreme automation, extreme connectivity, cognitive systems, and analytics—all bundled together in a single and integrated platform.

OpenText Release 16 is the world’s most comprehensive Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform for automating Engagement to Insight. It is composed of two major product components: OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16. Each is made up of tightly coordinated releases across all key product suites, designed to manage the complete flow of information, from capture to process, collaboration, discovery, exchange, and insight.

The World's First Truly Integrated Platform for EIM

The World’s First Truly Integrated Digital Platform for EIM

EIM arms organizations with the technologies they need to digitize their operations—across any device in the Cloud, on-premises, or using a hybrid model. By providing the world’s best integrated EIM platform and applications, OpenText Release 16 gives organizations the foundation they need to effectively transform their operations, processes, and information to create better ways to work.

Both OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16 give organizations the flexibility and agility they need to pursue strategic goals, such as optimizing user experience, exploring machine-to-machine communications and automation, digitizing key processes—to drive true digital transformation. Both OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16 have been infused with analytics. Everything from Content Suite to Process Suite to the Business Network has been designed to leverage the power of analytics, bringing significantly more value to enterprise information. It’s all part of the movement to systems of insight in the technology shift to cognitive systems.

This release represents the next generation of EIM, bringing customers one step closer to more intelligent systems, allowing them to realize greater benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, greater output, and more room to innovate.

OpenText Release 16 is the next generation of EIM. In my next post, I’ll take a closer look at OpenText Suite 16.

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Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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