Enterprise World 2019—EP6 unlocks the Information Advantage

In my keynote at Enterprise World 2019, I discussed how the latest release of OpenText’s first-class Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform empowers organizations to unlock…

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July 10, 20195 minute read

In my keynote at Enterprise World 2019, I discussed how the latest release of OpenText’s first-class Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform empowers organizations to unlock the Information Advantage.

Fourth industrial revolution technologies are creating a new enterprise landscape and changing the world. Consider 5G, which will make information immediate. Privacy regulations like GDPR are going global. Cloud is faster and more agile than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving smarter business decisions.

As the pace of change accelerates, it is not enough for the enterprise to have a process advantage; it must have the Information Advantage. Only when the enterprise can protect, automate and enrich its data can it transform its business models to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Information Advantage Value Path

The Information Advantage Value Path

EIM provides the tools, integrations and insights organizations need to follow the Information Advantage path. OpenText’s latest EIM release, Release 16 EP6, is our largest release yet. Innovations across our EIM platform suites include enhancements to OpenText Content Services, Business Network, Security, Magellan and the OpenText Cloud.

Information sprawl is one of the greatest barriers to achieving the Information Advantage. With so much data being generated and so many different Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms to contend with, how does the enterprise standardize and makes sense of its information? EP6 equips the enterprise to turn its data into an asset to harness opportunities for growth.

Our comprehensive Content Services platform is the platform for insight. EP6 improvements allow the enterprise to connect information across and between organizations to accelerate productivity, make content machine-readable to access the potential of raw data, improve governance and drive information transformation. Deeper integration connects users to information from multiple sources, empowering them to work in lead applications (like SAP and Salesforce) and access relevant information when they need it.

The OpenText Business Network powers the seamless, secure flow of information across a complex planetary business ecosystem of people, systems and things. EP6 Business Network updates make it easier than ever to connect any partner, regardless of their technical capabilities. New features like fully interactive analytics, trend dashboards and automated data mapping bring greater simplicity and accuracy to collaborating within the business network.

With cyberthreats and requirements for regulatory compliance growing, OpenText Security is the immune system for business. New security innovations in EP6 enable scalable, real time and continuous endpoint monitoring as well as intelligent threat detection with improved forensic investigation support. Together, proactive and reactive security capabilities safeguard the enterprise’s most sensitive information, whether it lives in the cloud or off-cloud.

OpenText Magellan, our analytics and AI platform, ushers in a new era of automation, learning and smart decision-making. Magellan’s latest update includes improved accuracy and predictive power, which save time and optimize performance through capabilities like intelligent content suggestions and automatic collection and classification of customer data.

We also launched updates to the OpenText Enterprise Cloud, along with the announcement of our exciting new partnership with Google. I will cover our cloud releases in my next blog, so please stay tuned!

We must all become information companies. The upgrades of EP6 strategically place the enterprise on the path to Information Advantage, enabling it to compete with agility in the fourth industrial revolution.

New ways to work

workforce of the future - Mark Barrenechea keynote

The Workforce of the Future

In my keynote, I also examined new ways to work. Disruption in work comes from every angle: technologies like automation, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI; the API economy and hyper-connectivity on a global scale; and the next generation workforce, as Millennials and Gen Z become the dominant demographic.

EIM helps companies embrace these new ways to work, enabling critical roles, including the Digital Nomad, the Data Officer, the Data Scientist and the Developer.

New ways to work

New Ways to Work

OpenText Core and Content Services allow the Digital Nomad—championed by Millennials and Gen Z—to collaborate effectively within and outside of the organization. Core is an intuitive, full featured experience that integrates with Content Services to eliminate the complexity of content management. Teams have access to a central platform that makes it easy to find, share and update content securely regardless of their location, device or application. During the keynote, I had the pleasure of demoing our new Core feature, electronic signatures, which will streamline processes, such as digital contract workflows.

The Data Officer’s chief focus is the security, privacy and compliance of information. That is why we weave security and governance throughout every OpenText application. With information centralized in a secure and intelligent hub, the Data Officer can enforce compliance policies, manage identities and access, and protect against threats.

To use information to its fullest potential, the enterprise—and the Data Scientist—needs unparalleled access to business insights. Our AI platform, Magellan, augments the work of the Data Scientist by helping make sense of rich data lakes through visualizations, machine-learning algorithms and predictive suggestions.

The Developer is central to the API economy and the development of secure-from-day-1 applications. OpenText AppWorks enables the Developer through a next generation, mobile-first platform for process automation, case management and low-code application development.

Award-winning EIM, leveraged by a talented workforce in emerging roles, provides the foundation for more collaborative, intuitive and intelligent business solutions—transforming information assets into new business models and Information Advantage. As we demonstrated at Enterprise World, OpenText EIM gives our customers and partners the ability to use information for good, through ethical supply chains, secure smart cities that preserve privacy, gene editing and bio medicine, digital agriculture, robotics, AI and the IoT.

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