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Cherry Picking Makes Employees Frustrated

Have you ever had a performance review with your boss where he or she picks the absolutely worst issue to talk about?  Has this ever created the perception that your boss was “cherry picking” the specific scenario just make a point?  Well, you shouldn’t feel alone. There is a natural tendency for a manager to talk about the worst, or most recent case to make a point. For the millions of customer-facing employees around the world, this means your last customer interaction is your next coachable moment. And with the average call center agent taking between 40-80 calls per day, it is easy for a supervisor to find an example just to make a point. Most coaching starts with phrases like:

  • You Never Say Thank You
  • You Never Offer the Deal of the Day
  • You Never Read the Compliance Disclosure

But is it true?  Most coaching programs only barely reach a valid sample size, and even with the best intentions, agents often perceive interaction selection as a cherry-picking exercise designed to find more fault than praise. This is the cherry-picking dilemma. So how can quality monitoring (QM) programs target a “theme” such as upselling, empathy or script adherence without cherry picking the negative?

Our new innovative approach is scoring ALL the interactions and removing the randomness from the approach.  The new OpenText™ Qfiniti solution, Qfiniti AutoScore uses analytics-driven scoring to monitor every customer experience and allows companies to quantify skills proficiency, script adherence, customer satisfaction and even score an agent’s ability to sell.

Want to learn more?  Join me on October 20th, register for the CRMXchange webinar, “Agent Evaluations – The Cherry Picking Dilemma”.  Register now, I hope to see you there.

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