AAA club transforms the digital experience for its members

Whether calling for roadside assistance, planning travel on the mobile app or meeting with an insurance agent, over 13.5 million members trust their mobility and well-being to the Auto Club Group (ACG), one of the largest AAA clubs in the U.S. The national association has served clients for more than 115 years.

To keep pace with its members’ changing needs, ACG has extended its service delivery into the digital world. Gopal Padinjaruveettil, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, explains the company’s approach to supporting its members: “Today, our customers interact with us through multiple channels. They can walk into a branch or phone a call center. They can interact with the mobile app or come to us through the website. We have a vision of our customers as Connected Members—where they can securely and seamlessly access our services and products no matter what channel they’re coming through.”

In today’s digital landscape, trust is garnered through personalized connections powered by a reliable digital identity management system. Using OpenText™ Identity and Access Management, ACG provides a single digital identity for members across all business units to reduce complexity, increase security, and streamline the digital experience for customers. True to its ‘Connected Member Vision’, ACG relies on OpenText technology to enable its service and products through any channel, at any time. Role-based use, certification, attestation and other capabilities ensure access is controlled.

“We truly believe that customer experience and customer trust are key brand differentiators. To achieve that customer experience, you need a strong digital identity management system as the foundation. We believe that foundation is provided by OpenText.”

– Gopal Padinjaruveettil, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, The Auto Club Group

As ACG embraces digital transformation, it recognizes that a customer’s digital identity can be an enabler of business value. An identity relationship platform that centrally manages the digital identity will enable ACG to deliver customer-focused services that leverage new, untapped opportunities and provide a competitive edge.

Check out our video to learn more about how The Auto Club Group delivers a secure digital identity and superior digital experience for its members.

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