What’s new in OpenText Media Management Release 16 EP7

Today’s marketers are under pressure on all fronts. They are asked to produce more in shorter timelines and with fewer resources, and to collaborate with…

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November 12, 20196 minute read

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Today’s marketers are under pressure on all fronts. They are asked to produce more in shorter timelines and with fewer resources, and to collaborate with more people (both internal and external) in the review cycle.

Digital media helps address some of these challenges by driving personalized engagement, conversion and customer loyalty for data-driven omnichannel customer experiences. That’s why Digital Asset Management (DAM) has become essential to digital transformation initiatives.

OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) is a foundational, integrated capability of the OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. In Release 16 EP7, OTMM includes enhancements to marketing collaboration, workflow, artificial intelligence (AI), user experience (UX) and video support.

Marketing collaboration and workflow enhancements

This release delivers simplified marketing collaboration by allowing users to quickly onboard teams and start collaborating immediately with resourcing checks and a calendar view. Job owners are now able to see jobs and corresponding tasks in a calendar view, as well as create and assign jobs for all assigned projects.

Calendars provide an integrated view of jobs and tasks with resource allocations

Hightail agency collaboration and OpenText Media Management Jobs allow for the creative review process to be a SaaS workload in the cloud. Users can easily collaborate with external agencies in the cloud and utilize OTMM as a single source of truth for approved creative. External agency collaboration connects OpenText Media Management Jobs and Hightail with bi-directional synchronization of assets.

Keep your supply chain moving with Hightail and the newly revised OTMM Jobs

OTMM Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration allows direct access to assets in OTMM, enabling them to be used in campaigns promoting reuse of content, which saves time and reduces duplication of efforts.

Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows Content Builder users direct access to OTMM assets

Office 365 Connector

Users can now drag and drop from the Media Management Add-in panel in Office 365 (PPT and Word) into their deck or document and have access to search for that perfect brand-approved image to use.

AI improvements

In this release, smart compose allows users to automatically, dynamically, and intelligently crop assets for channel use with Adaptive Media Delivery service. With Smart Crop delivery, you can easily deliver intelligently and automatically cropped images via AMD based on device size such as mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.

Smart Compose provides dynamic and intelligently delivered image cropping

New AI speech-to-text capabilities

The new functionality enables users to export speech-to-text for other uses and allows users to edit the speech-to-text to make the transcript more accurate. The AI for speech-to-text now expands with Insights support for audio assets as well.

Speech-to-text can now be edited and exported

Machine Learning training capabilities

Users can now train faces, brands, and other key enrichment factors using RMA and Microsoft Azure video indexer. This enhanced functionality will improve granular accuracy on AI tagging with the identification of company execs and products, and improve search results.

Rich Media Analysis framework for other AI services

Rich Media Analysis service now includes a pluggable architecture for accessing additional cognitive services for asset enrichment, image, audio and video support, and more data enrichment, including labels, brands, and spoken word sentiment.

User interface upgrades

The “Recent Activities” UI exposes all activities with an up-to-date status using a push notification service so users can keep track of their workflows. All activities from current day and previous day are now available in one location, allowing users to view imports, exports, check-ins, bulk edits, and custom activities. Options for filtering by status include in progress, ready for download, downloaded, completed, completed with errors, and failed (or filter by activity type).  Users can now start the downloads by simply placing their cursor over the activity “ready for download,” and can also manage Accelerated File Transfer (AFT) transfers with the options to pause, resume, cancel, and change the download location.

With Realtime activity monitoring, users can monitor their activities from start to finish and get real-time updated

Gallery video preview improvements

Rollover video support in the gallery view now provides a preview of video content. When you look at these screenshots below, just imagine the video playing as you move your cursor over the video.

Hovering over videos in the Gallery View will now provide a video preview

But wait – there’s more…

Media Management EP7 includes some additional UI/UX features and enhancements rolled up from v16.5.3 and v16.5.4. Push notification support provides tracking of activity updates such as file transfers, imports, and exports. Recent activities expose all activities with an up-to date status using the push notification service so users can keep track of their workflows. There have also been improvements to sharing that make it even easier across user groups with shared, saved searches. Mobile and tablet UI’s are now easily branded, and easy multi-select metadata allows a much more intuitive experience when dealing with larger sets of metadata selections in the UI.

Now users can multi-select metadata

Video enhancements

The OTMM connector to Brightcove provides a best-in-class Video platform for the distribution of video direct from OTMM. Brightcove is a market-leading video platform that provides an HTML5 Player, robust live-streaming, and video hosting for regional and global use cases. The latest release now provides a seamless push from OTMM video to Brightcove as well as the ability to track the “publish to Brightcove” for the video asset.

Videos can now easily be delivered to Brightcove for video distribution

With every release of Media Management, we are continuing on our mission to make your DAM lives easier day-to-day. We are confident that this release offers many enhancements to improve your use of Media Management from both the admin as well as the user perspectives.

Learn more about all that OpenText Media Management has to offer, and read more about the latest innovations in OpenText Experience solutions here.

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