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OpenText Introduces New ‘COBOL Webinar Wednesdays’ Series 

If mainframe and COBOL are at the heart of your operations, breaking the bounds of mainframe architecture to scale and innovate at speed can seem daunting. Fortunately, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey while staying agile in today’s fast-paced multi-cloud world.    

Starting Wednesday, January 24, 2024, OpenText’s Application Modernization experts will launch the first in a series of regular, monthly webinars focusing on COBOL and dedicated to the community of COBOL professionals—as they discuss how you can build on the proven IT investments you rely on every day to:   

  • Deliver continuous value while managing a fast-paced and ever-changing IT landscape   
  • Innovate faster, with lower risk, by transforming your core business applications, processes, and infrastructure—from mainframe to cloud  
  • Embrace clean code with reformatting and refactoring techniques   

 Join us each month as we explore a specific COBOL topic: 

  • January 24, 2024:Enhancing Code Readability and Enabling Cross-Platform COBOL Program Integration  In this webinar, you’ll discover strategies to enhance the readability of mature COBOL code, which can often be challenging to comprehend. This knowledge will aid in reducing the expenses associated with modifying existing applications. The webinar’s second segment will guide you on how to automatically partition (refactor) existing COBOL code, preparing it for integration with other tools, platforms, and programming languages. 
  • February 28, 2024:Transforming COBOL Programs into Web Services and Streamlining Deployment with Containers Unlock the power of your legacy COBOL code in our upcoming webinar! Discover how to transform refactored COBOL code into versatile XML or REST Web Services, seamlessly integrating with a multitude of development languages and tools. We’ll guide you through the process of deploying COBOL-based Web Services using cutting-edge container technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to modernize your applications and propel your business into the future! 
  • March 27, 2024:Integrating COBOL with Java and .NET: A Seamless Integration Approach Join us and see how to integrate COBOL code into Java and .NET development projects effortlessly. Learn how to invoke C# code from your COBOL applications, call upon COBOL methods from C#, and replicate the same with Java. Our total integration approach offers a secure, tested, and proven pathway for leveraging your COBOL investments into the future. Don’t miss this chance to future-proof your applications and maximize your return on investment!

Discover the secrets to modernizing your COBOL applications. Reserve your place for this event—and stay tuned for our upcoming webinars in the Modernize your COBOL applications series. 

Register here to join. Can’t make it to the live session? Register to receive the on-demand link. 

Take the Vanson Bourne Mainframe Modernization Survey 

Vanson bourne modernization survey

OpenText has commissioned global research and analysis experts, Vanson Bourne, to study customer experiences building, deploying, and modernizing secure, enterprise applications. The results of the survey will further inform and improve upon existing COBOL development and mainframe modernization technology to deliver better solutions for our customers and the community.  
Take the Mainframe Modernization survey | Learn more   

Join the conversations and stay updated by connecting with the OpenText Application Modernization team on LinkedIn.    

Que Mangus

Que Mangus manages the product marketing for OpenText host connectivity solutions. Que has 14+ years of experience in software solutions marketing and received ITIL version 3 Foundation Certification in 2010. Que graduated from Utah Valley University located in Orem, UT, USA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

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