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The key ingredients for a winning development team

The Core Product team at OpenText has achieved some pretty remarkable feats.

In just over a year, the Core team built North America’s first multi-tenant SaaS cloud application from start to finish. After that, they spent the next year deploying new releases on a monthly basis.

How did the Core team deliver on these ambitious plans? Read on to find out:

Most of the Core team works out of OpenText headquarters in Waterloo, Canada. The Core team’s space is personalized in a way that feels more start-up than corporate. Filled with open-concept meeting spaces, comfortable couches, and filled with cardboard cut-outs of movie characters; the space is far from typical.

The Waterloo office also features a Ping-Pong table, games room, acres of green space and walking trails, sports teams, and more.

While the space is great, it isn’t the puzzle piece that drives the Core team’s performance. What really makes the team shine is simple, but hard to achieve: the personalities of the Core team member’s work together to form a positive, high-efficiency team dynamic.

What does this dynamic look like and how does it work?

Firstly, the team excels because they work hard and stay humble. Secondly, team members describe how they feel supported by one another and accomplish their goals as a group.

“We push each other to be better,” explains Mike Bergsma, Senior Developer.

They also support each other. Ian Fox, an intern from the University of Waterloo who has been with OpenText for three continuous work terms as a Developer, explains that when an upgrade had a hiccup that needed to be fixed, the team banded together and stayed late to get the job done.

Further to working hard and lending a hand, the other winning ingredient for the Core team is making sure to find time to joke around and have a good time at work.

“On the Core team, colleagues feel more like friends than acquaintances or co-workers,” says Jay Weir, Senior Product Communications Specialist.

Shane Gautreau, a Senior Developer on the team, summarizes the magic perfectly: “Our team works hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we help one another out. We’ve probably struck the perfect balance between work and play.”

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