Increased automation in OpenText Media Management delivers significant benefits

All marketers know that time is money. Whether you’re putting in a marketing request or scheduling media delivery, reducing the time it takes to complete…

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November 26, 20185 minute read

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All marketers know that time is money. Whether you’re putting in a marketing request or scheduling media delivery, reducing the time it takes to complete each action can lead to significant cost and resource savings. That’s why we’ve made strategic innovations to automation in the latest release of OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) – and that’s the topic of my third post in this four-part series.

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Innovations to automation

With OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), we have introduced extended functionality for Activity Management, Extended Asset Expiration, and Scheduled Media Delivery.

Activity Management
Activity Management is an automation configuration tool that will put the power of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution into the marketer’s hands, so they can configure and automate common marketing requests.

OpenText Media Management Activity Modeler provides easy to use interface to create and link together activities most commonly used
OpenText Media Management Activity Modeler interface to create and link together activities most commonly used

Marketing department get a lot of requests for content, and need a streamlined way to handle these requests, approve them, reject them, process them, and generally keep content secure. With Activity Management, these requests can be automated to uniquely suit your business needs using a modern web interface.

Now, common marketing requests that may previously have required a phone call or email that might go unnoticed, or an escalation that could be avoided, can be automated inside of Media Management. With this release, the marketing department can take control with a simple, intuitive canvas – and familiar UX controls –  that will bring order to the marketer’s day.

Activities are easily published to menu items in OpenText Media Management

Activities are easily published to menu items in OTMM. You can create powerful tailored activities that will serve your enterprise and even extend the out of the box import and export activities. With an intuitive HTML 5 designer, there is no extra software to be installed: just open the permission to the user and they can design and publish an activity. The designer is included with OTMM at no extra cost and there are no servers or services to deploy or maintain. Designers can easily export and import activity between systems. And, for those advanced scenarios, custom asset actions can be developed and deployed to be used in this experience.

Asset expiration in OpenText Media Management
Extended Asset Expiration

Extended Asset Expiration
We’ve also provided extended means to maintain your brand integrity with a new expiration channel process that can connect directly into Adaptive Media Delivery and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to help protect your brand in times of crisis:

  • Adaptive Media Delivery is a great tool for exposing asset renditions on channels such as websites, custom brand portals, and other apps, but what happens if your brand comes under fire. We have all heard the stories of brand sponsors going rogue or unlicensed content being unlawfully used for brand promotion. Once the panic call is received, there must be an easy way to remove that web content from the internet.
  • Either on a schedule or ad-hoc, in the case of emergencies, assets can be expired directly in the experience by a user with appropriate permissions. The expiration will notify Adaptive Media Delivery to purge renditions and call out to a CDN to delete the web renditions that are being used for global consumption. And, because the lifecycle of the asset is now expired, the next time the asset is requested, the website or app can detect the expired content and display a green field image or temporary placeholder.
  • For custom scenarios, expiration events can be subscribed and when the asset expiration is reached, the subscriber application can take any action they deem necessary.
OpenText Media Management Scheduled Media Delivery
Scheduled Media Delivery automates the delivery of assets

Scheduled media delivery
Schedule media delivery will help you automate your media distribution with a simple in-application experience for scheduling your media, backed by the power of the OTMM export framework. Automated distribution! No irate phone calls asking where this week’s new product images are hiding, plus:

  • Distribute your media on a scheduled basis
  • Deliver large amounts of assets based on a folder or saved search
  • Deliver only what’s necessary (e.g. deltas, or approved assets)
  • Structure your delivery by retaining folder hierarchies from OpenText Media Management
  • Multiple ways to distribute including, FTP, sFTP, and local network share
  • Enterprise plugin for custom delivery

Also included in this release is a new Web-based Forms Designer that will enable marketers to create forms to collect and pass on information as part of a simple approval/review step. Design and create a form once and reuse it in any activity you create. Reuse forms between environments by simple exporting and import the forms.

Software downloads

Customers and partners can download the Release Notes and software from the OpenText My Support website (My Support logon required).

Watch the OpenText Live webinar

What’s new with OpenText Media Management 16.5?

OpenText is excited to announce the release of the latest version of our DAM Solution, OpenText Media Management. This release of version 16.5 builds on the momentum of the Media Management platform first introduced in version 16 with a mission and dedication to better productivity and business agility with improvements to accelerate and simplify the digital media supply chain information flow. We are looking forward to sharing all the latest innovations and improvements with the Media Management community. Please join us for an OpenText Live webinar as we take you on a journey through our advances in Experience, Intelligence, Automation and Cloud with new features and functionality you will surely appreciate.

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