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The life of a marketer can be exciting and inspiring. From major product launches to creating new collateral to attending conferences around the world, marketing…

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November 21, 20187 minute read

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The life of a marketer can be exciting and inspiring. From major product launches to creating new collateral to attending conferences around the world, marketing and creative professionals get to do a lot of incredible work.

But it can also be a busy and hectic life. Most marketers are juggling multiple projects and deadlines, working with multiple people across different departments and trying to navigate often complex approval processes – all while delivering new and eye-catching content.

With the latest update to OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM), we help give marketers a more balanced  life and ease their daily toil, one task at a time. OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) for OTMM builds on the momentum of the Media Management platform introduced in Release 16. OTMM Release 16 increased productivity and business agility with improvements to accelerate and simplify the creation-to-consumption information flow for digital assets. Additionally, with each subsequent release we have delivered easy to use tools to streamline the asset life-cycle and the review-approval process with expanded mobile device support and UX improvements. We also introduced a new dynamic media delivery service (Advanced Media Delivery) to provide integrated, adaptive and responsive publishing of assets for multi-channel experiences.

Each new release has provided improvements to accelerate and better manage the marketing ecosystem for both internal and external collaboration stakeholders. More detailed controls for jobs and tasks improve time to market success across your organization, including agencies and external partners. The introduction of better insight with the option for Experience Analytics provided dashboards and reports on asset and system usage metrics and a new model to deploy it. User interface enhancements like embedded widgets, multiple lightboxes, OpenText™ Media Management Digital Hub and the HTML5 admin user interface have streamlined the management of your organization’s assets.

OTMM continues this rapid improvement trend forward with EP5 including powerful user experience innovations to streamline complex tasks, accelerate cloud operations, enhance AI-powered rich media analytics, and empower creative employees through a deeply integrated workflow. And while we can’t remedy every aspect of our marketing and creative existence, we really do care about trying to make their lives easier, more streamlined, and productive. OpenText’s DAM solution, OTMM, sits right at the intersection of both Marketing and Creative; and has a central mission to make things better through strategic innovation in the areas of User Experience, Intelligence, Automation and delivery in the Cloud.  I will cover each area in a four-part series throughout the month and today’s topic starts with the experience.


The latest release of OTMM brings improvements to both the creative and marketing user experience through a totally redesigned Mobile User interface and tighter integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud toolset.

The new Mobile User Interface is a simple in-browser application with an easy-on-the-eyes visual experience.  We have put the power of Media Management into the fingertips of the marketing users. This interface is primarily geared towards an everyday asset-consumer experience; however, the experience includes asset management and organizational features such as move or copy to folders, powerful search, and filtering, browsing folder content, collecting assets into your lightbox and sharing them with other users. All this with no added software to install or maintain.

OpenText Media Management mobile user experience
Media Management provides on-the-go productivity with mobile UX

Designers and other creative professionals who use the OpenText™ Media Management Connector to Adobe Creative Cloud will see a major improvement to their workflow with the introduction of tasks and what we are calling creative continuity, an easy way for a designer to see the requested changes with an integrated Creative Review without ever leaving their favorite creative tools. The new OpenText Adobe Creative Cloud Connector extension panel will enable the designer to streamline their workflow with tasks built right into the panel. Tasks give the designer critical information in the right place such as job name, task due date, task description, and a link to a folder of assets (in Media Management) associated with the job. The designer can open the assets right from the task and begin working. And then, when finished, they can complete the task, keeping the job moving along.

Media Management Connector to Adobe Creative Cloud
Media Management Connector to Adobe Creative Cloud now includes integrated workflow within the panel.

The idea is to provide frictionless, personalized user experiences within the creative user’s application of choice. Productivity increases, along with accuracy and speed to the task, ultimately translate into lower costs and faster time to market. Consolidation of all the creative and marketing assets into a “single source of truth” cuts dramatic amounts of time off previously inefficient searches (in DAM-less organizations) across the marketing file server or company SharePoint® server as well as a reduction in agency charges for production and management of agency-created content.

Creative Review
The updated OTMM Connector for the Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines Creative Review by including within the UX.

And the Digital Hub drives customer engagement to tell your brand’s story—this makes managing digital media an imperative. Every company faces the challenges of managing an expanding volume of digital assets and distributing them in a timely routine. OpenText Media Management Digital Hub helps business users easily distribute targeted assets in a branded, easy-to-use experience without relying on IT. Media Management Digital Hub makes it simple to get the right content and rich media to users on the platforms and devices they choose. With EP5, we have introduced the highly requested feature of Cover Pages, that allows individual content pages to be assigned to folders or collections through a WYSIWYG Designer, providing combinations of images, links and text to afford further content explanations, instructions, or marketing messaging to the users.

OpenText Media Management Digital Hub's New Cover Page feature
OpenText Media Management Digital Hub’s New Cover Page feature
Digital Hub Cover Page
Digital Hub Cover Page includes both text, image and a gallery of assets

Time is always a factor in any marketing project. Usually, we don’t have enough of it and the amount of time that we spend waiting for files to upload or download starts to add up. With the release of v16.5, we are happy to announce the release of OpenText™ Media Management Accelerated File Transfer, a new Add-On UX and server integrated experience for optimized file acceleration for secure large file transmissions. This provides transfer efficiency in both high and low latency network conditions. A user can track large file uploads and downloads via a new file transfers window, and pause, resume, filter, track, and retry failed transfers all from within the OTMM UX. The user can now track their transfers in Media Management instead of in a separate application. The transfer service is local to the asset repository and working areas eliminating extra file hops and copies. It works on both Windows and Linux platforms without the need for a database. This new solution simplifies the architecture and eliminates network negotiation or database transaction overhead.

Accelerated File Transfer for OpenText Media Management
Accelerated File Transfer for Media Management tracks all transfers.

Software downloads

Customers and partners can download the Release Notes and software from the OpenText My Support website (My Support logon required).

Watch the OpenText Live webinar

What’s new with OpenText Media Management 16.5?

OpenText is excited to announce the release of the latest version of our DAM Solution, OpenText Media Management. This release of version 16.5 builds on the momentum of the Media Management platform first introduced in version 16 with a mission and dedication to better productivity and business agility with improvements to accelerate and simplify the digital media supply chain information flow. We are looking forward to sharing all the latest innovations and improvements with the Media Management community. Please join us for an OpenText Live webinar as we take you on a journey through our advances in Experience, Intelligence, Automation and Cloud with new features and functionality you will surely appreciate.

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